Patent drawing for an X-Wing

Avi Solomon popped this patent-drawing for a hypothetical X-Wing fighter patent into the Boing Boing Flickr pool.

If Star Wars was a patent: X-Wing Fighter


  1. Looks like you’d need a lot of side clearance for that. The wings and nose would also have to be fairly strong to cope with the g-forces (if the ride was going to be interesting at all), and it seems like a lot of wasted space. Pretty cool idea if it could work though.

  2. Sorry, the company I represent, MZQ Holdings, Inc, has purchased a controlling share in a portfolio of technology which includes a patent for “A method or device to convey animals or machinery through a rarified medium using one or more propulsion units.”  We are due a licensing fee for this depiction of a craft covered under our patent, as well as a share of any ad revenue generated by any page on which this depiction is, um , depicted.

  3. 520 was rejected because it’s an improvement to T-16 prior art that would have been obvious to a person having ordinary skill in shooting womp rats.

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