Vast, hand-drawn maze took seven years to design

@Kya7y's father spent seven years drawing an enormous, intricate maze on a sheet of A1 paper, of which this photo is but a tiny part. Flooby Nooby's Ron Doucet collects the revealed sections; there seems to be no single, high-quality image showing the labyrinth in its entirety. [Matome via Spoon-tamago]


  1. Mind. Blown. 
    I wonder if the author of this maze worked by filling relatively small sections of the sheet, one at a time, or if solving the maze would lead you across the whole pages repeatedly…
    Now we need a high-rez scan, and someone to port this to Minecraft.

    1. The Minecraft port is going to be a long way off looking at how he drew the map.  It’s more like the worlds most complex elevated highway system than a traditional maze, and there is no way you’re going to be able to translate it cleanly into a minecraft map, especially with all of the swooping curves and whatnot.  The amount of overlap and implied structure would make machine translation very very difficult, and the idea of building it by hand is laughable. 

      Some parts look a bit messy too, and it can be really hard to tell what is part of the maze and what is not.  When you have a path combing out and then swoooping under itself, the intersections end up with lots of little short segments showing, and it’s not really easy to see where they line up.  It would be really easy to get off by one somewhere on this map. 

  2. That would make for one heck of a gaming session, at least until the group mobbed the DM.

    I’m NOT volunteering to be the party mapper…

  3. This almost seems like one of those ironic punishments you might get in hell.  So you like mazes?  Well, find your way out of this one.  (plops you down in a real life incarnation of this maze, where you will be lost for all eternity.)

  4. If he was smart he would copyright this thing and then sell large copies of it for a decent price. I would pay good money for a copy to work on an I think others would too. I love mazes and thing looks like and awesome challenge.

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