Bauhaus first two albums remastered and reissued

BauhhhhThe first two albums by seminal proto-goth band Bauhaus, have been reissued today on vinyl in the US. These pressings of In The Flat Field (1980) and Mask (1981) feature the remastered tracks previously released in 2008. The UK reissues, available in a few weeks according to the Beggars Archive label, include CDs of the albums as well. This music is essential listening. Again and again. (Video above from The Old Vic Theatre, London, February 24, 1982.)

"In the Flat Field" (remastered vinyl)" (Thanks, Dave Gill!)

"Mask (remastered vinyl)"


10 Responses to “Bauhaus first two albums remastered and reissued”

  1. tw1515tw says:

    Hearing Bela Lugosi’s Dead blasting out of a college dorm room some distance away…happy days

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

    My records still sound great! j/k This is exciting. <3 Bauhaus.

  3. PaulDavisTheFirst says:

    12″ dub remix of bela lugosi FTW! 

  4. strokeybeard says:

    What do you mean “proto-”?

  5. Beanolini says:

    Vinyl? I listen to them on a Maxell cassette tape.

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