Cory in Seattle tonight

Hey, Seattle! Just a reminder that I'll be at the Seattle Public Library tonight at 7PM with my new novel Homeland. Come on down (and bring the kids!)! Portland, you're next, then San Francisco (and again!). Here's the whole schedule -- 20+ cities!.


  1. The day after Cory visits Seattle, Bruce Harrell of Seattle City Council will introduce a bill regulating two drones the Seattle Police Department purchased with U.S. Department of Homeland Security funding.

    Last week, we discovered that our police sneaked in a set of public surveillance cameras (also DHS-funded), with the intention of creating a wireless mesh network including 30 cameras, 160 access points, and miles of fiber optic cable, throughout the city, all in the name of port security.  Assistant Chief Paul A. McDonagh #4708, commander of the SPD Special Operations Bureau, was quoted as saying, “I don’t call it a surveillance camera – surveillance to me implies someone is sitting there watching it all the time. These are just cameras watching a general area.” (video).  Other agencies with access include the Seattle Department of Transportation, the Fire Department, U.S. Coast Guard, and “the Homeland Security Nexus.”

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