Excellent vintage German goods at BerlinerStrasse easy store

BerlinerStrasse sells fairly pricey but nice vintage home decor products from Berlin. I especially like the selection of classroom wall charts and posters.


  1. oooh price-y!  I’d suggest ‘poppin’ some tags’ at the local thrift mart if vintage tschotskes are your thing…but the design of some items are unique…

    I covet the malaria poster, but I can grow my very own mosquitos for far less!

  2. Bwahahaha! Those classroom charts are from the Flohmarkt opposite my house. I scored two botanical charts of moss and ferns for €25 together. I guess it was only a matter of time before some enterprising ex-pat whacked them on a US-style online store and jacked the price up x10.

    1. Original price x 10 is more expensive than jumping a plane from London to visit the Flohmarkts yourself, but less expensive than doing so from the USA, I suppose.

    2. …and considering that it is fairly well known that heaps of the stuff at the Flohmarkts comes from Poland, where it’s bought for 1/10th of the price it’s re-sold here for, I suppose this is just the next logical step on the enterprising flea market ladder.

  3. Dear me, I am from germany, and live actually in Berlin. And these prices are totally over the top. Yes, flights from the US might be more expensive than ordering, but it would be certainly more fun to dig up the stuff yourself and pay a sensible amount of money. 
    And it makes me kinda angry that somebody actually gets rich by selling stuff like the christmastree stand you can buy here at the local Baumarkt for a few euros (which is not the most expensive, but the most ridiculous item in the shop). 

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