Fall of SOPA explained in 3 minute video


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  1. F. Pavich says:

    American Parliament.

  2. Gtmac says:


  3. tsa says:

    Good video, except for the voice. As a non-native speaker I found it hard to understand what she said.

  4. israfella says:

    The message is great, but the music is distracting. Do they think we’re all so attention deficit that we can’t sit through a 3 minute video without electro music blaring in the background? The music should be at a much lower volume than the narration. In this video, the narration struggles to rise out of the music. In this particular video, I think no music would work best. The voice seems to have an annoying echo. I don’t mind the accent, but it sounds like it was recorded in a closet. This is an important message, it should be cleaned up a bit.

    • Sam Mularczyk says:

      Hey Israfella, thanks for the tips! I found that wasn’t as effective without music, but maybe next time I’ll go for something more minimal and less intrusive.
      And yup, totally agree on the audio levels – that’s something I definitely should have fixed. It’s funny you mention that – it was recorded in a closet (or at least in a room about 2m square)… probably a bad decision on my part.Thanks again for your input – next time I’ll definitely be putting a little more thought into the audio, it’s definitely the weakest part of the animation

  5. Alanna says:

    I wonder where the narrator is from? That accent sounds more NZ than Aussie. Or do the Aussies overuse ‘actually’ just as much?

    • Sam Mularczyk says:

      She’s an aussie (think she lived in NZ for a bit though? Nice catch!)

      Though I wrote the script, so the overuse of “actually” is probably my doing :/

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