Fall of SOPA explained in 3 minute video

Simon sez, " This is a short motion graphic video concisely documenting the fall of SOPA with great attention to detail, and recognising future bills that may be a threat to online democracy. It is notable for the way in which it highlights SOPA as a great moment in history; a bill that threatened democracy was felled by one the greatest democratic sources in the world -- the internet."

The Fall Of SOPA


    1. Sorry to hear that! Didn’t really factor that in, sometimes us aussies have a weird accent :| If I could add subtitles to Vimeo, I would…

  1. The message is great, but the music is distracting. Do they think we’re all so attention deficit that we can’t sit through a 3 minute video without electro music blaring in the background? The music should be at a much lower volume than the narration. In this video, the narration struggles to rise out of the music. In this particular video, I think no music would work best. The voice seems to have an annoying echo. I don’t mind the accent, but it sounds like it was recorded in a closet. This is an important message, it should be cleaned up a bit.

    1. Hey Israfella, thanks for the tips! I found that wasn’t as effective without music, but maybe next time I’ll go for something more minimal and less intrusive.
      And yup, totally agree on the audio levels – that’s something I definitely should have fixed. It’s funny you mention that – it was recorded in a closet (or at least in a room about 2m square)… probably a bad decision on my part.Thanks again for your input – next time I’ll definitely be putting a little more thought into the audio, it’s definitely the weakest part of the animation

  2. I wonder where the narrator is from? That accent sounds more NZ than Aussie. Or do the Aussies overuse ‘actually’ just as much?

    1. She’s an aussie (think she lived in NZ for a bit though? Nice catch!)

      Though I wrote the script, so the overuse of “actually” is probably my doing :/

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