With hatchet, hitchhiker saves woman from attack by psycho

"When a guy claiming he's Jesus tries to kill a PG&E worker because he's black, then begins beating up a woman that was trying to help, it takes hitchhiker, Kai, and his hatchet, to put a stop to the psycho." Video Link. The most amazing part is right around 2:37, when he drops the theatrics. Also, I did not realize the word "smash" sometimes contains two syllables, but that's pretty awesome.

From KMPH News:

Here is Jessob Reisbeck's exclusive raw interview w/ Kai, a hitchhiker who used his hatchet to stop a man that thought he was Jesus from killing people in Fresno, CA. Antoine Dodson, eat your heart out!

Here is the original news story that ran.

(via Joe Sabia, also seen on Reddit.)