With hatchet, hitchhiker saves woman from attack by psycho

"When a guy claiming he's Jesus tries to kill a PG&E worker because he's black, then begins beating up a woman that was trying to help, it takes hitchhiker, Kai, and his hatchet, to put a stop to the psycho." Video Link. The most amazing part is right around 2:37, when he drops the theatrics. Also, I did not realize the word "smash" sometimes contains two syllables, but that's pretty awesome.

From KMPH News:

Here is Jessob Reisbeck's exclusive raw interview w/ Kai, a hitchhiker who used his hatchet to stop a man that thought he was Jesus from killing people in Fresno, CA. Antoine Dodson, eat your heart out!

Here is the original news story that ran.

(via Joe Sabia, also seen on Reddit.)


    1. Totally. When he’s all “She was in danger and he was going to hurt a lot of people.” Just, all the pretense of his personality is gone and it gets real.

      1. a lot of posters ITT have similarly remarked that Kai got “real” at the end, but I didn’t consider any of his responses to be pretentious.  he was recalling a recent traumatic experience, and in front of a camera.  he wasn’t putting on an act, he was keyed-up.  what you’re probably reacting to is his adrenaline wearing off.

        i’ve known some people that speak like Kai, and my homie Robert is a dead ringer for him in looks, speech, and he also moved from the South to California to surf.  it was uncanny.  personally, when I’m excited, I lapse into heavy ebonics since I’m a hip hop guy.  I’ve seen people react to it negatively, particularly since I’m white.  I’m not being pretentious.  I’m actually down, believe it or not.  and so it is with Kai.

        he told his story in the idiom of his peers; effectively, I thought.  that’s real.  much preferable to “ummm,  uhhh…..  the.  attacker.  said…”  my feeling is that, in conjunction with his adrenaline, part of his peer idiom is that it is disrespectful to one’s audience to be boring.

  1. Easily the best things I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a person wearing a peace sign bandana on their head. Someone get this guy a surfboard.

  2. Err, is there a translation of what he’s saying out there anywhere? I’m completely baffled as to what he’s saying.

  3. “If you’re fucking Jesus Christ, I’ll be the Anti-Christ, man.  Fuck that shit.”

    Words to live by.

  4. At the end of this video you can see a link to the the edited final news story, which paints a clearer picture of what happened, for context. It also has some lovely b-roll of the woman Kai saved giving him a hug. I like that the reporter treated Kai with respect and the story painted him as the hero.

  5. This guy may sound out of it, but notice that his pack is put together neatly and he truly knows both what he is saying and doing.  Impressive, not my lifestyle but still impressive.  If I had a surfboard, I would search him out and pass it on.  Hang ten fella!

      1. Yeah, stoner dialect!

        (Which does not necessarily make you “out of it”, as we can clearly see here.)

  6. That little pep talk he gives between :12-:24 is touching, and I’m not being sarcastic. Spoken like someone who’s maybe made a few mistakes on his path and has been shit on because of it.

    1. Generally, yes.  Ordinary citizens are empowered to use force, even deadly force, to save the lives of others.  It’s the same principle as self defense, but a little broader.

    2. It’s legal pretty much everywhere, man.  It’s called self-defence, and extends to others in mortal peril.

    3. Are people allowed to use violence to save other people from being murdered? Uh, yes. (They may be called upon to prove it was justified and necessary, of course.)

    4. Isn’t it everywhere? I”m not even being facetious. Is there a nation that forbids citizens to use force to stop violent crimes occurring right around them?

      1. It may (or may not) be legal in Connecticut, depending on what happens in court. You can not use deadly force if you can get the assailant to walk away. If the state proves (state burden, thankfully) that you could get the assailant to walk away, you will be in for assault, at the very least.

        I am not an attorney, but this is what I understand after reading Ct laws posted on the web.

        So, like, in this situation, if the “Jesus” man was going to cause more grave bodily harm to more victims, Kai would be cool in Connecticut Law.
        Unlike, in situation where the “Jesus” man was going to run away on foot _before_ grabbing his next victim, Kai would face time in prison in Connecticut Law. Unless I am misunderstanding my own state’s law, in which case I will be grateful if someone would clarify it for me.

        1. By the account told, he was actively engaging his next victim. This intervention directly saved her life. I don’t think there is anywhere that this isn’t cut and dry, even the laws you describe. 

    5. A vigilante applies punishment after the fact, in the belief that a wrong-doer has gotten off too easy or escaped justice. This guy stopped an assault in progress

    6.  Naw – he should have let the guy back up – smash the first guy again and then let him run over a few more people while kindly asking him to stop o_0 Or let him throttle a lady while wringing his hands in the corner? This guy stepped up to take down a serious nut job who was in the middle of trying to commit murders.

    7. So is this kind of vigilantism legal in the USA?

      It may be legally required in places with Good Samaritan laws.

    8. “vigilantism”? I don’t think reacting to a violent person trying to seriously harm or kill someone right in front of you can really be called “vigilantism”.

    1. Hatchets are relatively ordinary and legitimate tools, carried by hikers, campers, backpackers, and the like. They’re one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can carry with you.

      You can use them like a knife for small cutting tasks, like an axe for larger chopping work, the back of the head can be used as a hammer, you can dig with them, you can use them as small levers or crowbars, you can obviously defend yourself with one, and I’ve ever witness a hatchet on the end of a rope used as a makeshift grapnel. Makes them very popular items for regular carry and possession among serious travelers.

  7. I’ve talked to hitchhikers like him. I can’t say they are much different than professional-type people, just that they have different priorities, they prefer total freedom and open-mindedness to material gain and proper healthcare. There are jerks among them of course, just like among professional people, but there is also a code of ethics that most follow that keeps them alive by sharing resources and protection amongst themselves.

    They often fall into it not by choice but by being kicked out of their home due to being gay, or being disowned by their family for small crimes or political differences. (Those who commit big crimes usually get stuck in jail instead!)

    1. By the end of October, nobody will have a clue what your costume is. Heck, by this Friday it will be a distant memory, dust bytes blowing past your monitor on the breeze of the internet.

  8. If you need to take down someone from behind, go with the double ear slap with cupped palms.

    Someone told me they did that to save a friend from an attacker, and  the guy went down like a stone. 

    1. I’ve heard this too, but I have so many technical questions.  I’m not sure that I could actually pull off the ‘Double Ear Slap’ maneuver without just pissing the Bad Guy off and making him turn around and just punch my lights out.

      Does the ear slap knock them out?  Or, just burst their eardrums?  And how do you deliver the double ear slap… I mean, do you have to have concurrent ear slaps or is it still effective if say, one ear gets slapped before another?  (I want to be prepared — because I’ll probably not have a hatchet or a ratchet with me (or my peace sign bandana on my head when duty calls!)

      1. i don’t think there’s any need to makes the slaps truly simultaneous.  Aside from eardrum pain and deafening noise, the concussion would reach the middle ear, possibly scrambling the sense of balance.  A lot of the impact will hit the neck muscles, jaw,  brain stem.  Keep in mind a slap has all the force of a punch and a slap below the ear can knock someone out cold. 

        Other options would include a well executed forearm to top of the spine, which might kill them.  For someone skilled , an actual karate chop to the side of neck would work. 

        Or if you are more in the mood for a foot sweep, do an osoto-garuma from behind

        which would be illegal in competition, but in the street would violently faceplant someone into the pavement.

    1. They’re tools. They have many uses. Not everyone lives in an urban environment.

      I think a much more pressing question is why does everyone have handguns? Why is it weird to carry a hatchet, but normal and reasonable to carry a pistol?

  9. This Kai dude is in for at least some legal in-out-in-out, methinks.

    This dude is awesome and deserves to be rewarded for his actions, regardless of the outcome of the legal action (hopefully he is not punished for this).

    Will someone give this dude a surfboard and a wet-suite?If I had one I would.

  10. Holy crap! It’s like the Littlest Hobo, the human version!

    Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down,
    Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on, pah pah pah paaah, pah pah pah paaah

    ETA: Just noticed his Facebook reply. Kai for fuckin’ president!!!

  11. Even though what he says at the end is tinged with sadness, he seems to be a peace with himself and his life. That’s more than a lot of “successful” people can say about their lives.

      1.  I’d think if you were under a strong painkiller most of the time, you’d feel pretty much at peace. Also, who’s to say one isn’t the other?

        1. I’d think if you were under a strong painkiller most of the time, you’d feel pretty much at peace.

          You’d be wrong on that one. Some opiates can make you speedy, for example.

  12. “No matter what you’ve done, you deserve respect. Even if you make mistakes, you’re lovable. It doesn’t matter your looks, skills, or age, or size, or anything, you’re worthwhile. No one can ever take that away from you.”

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