I bet this guy wishes his airbag hadn't deployed


Looking good right up to the *POOF*. I do love the spirit of fun and camaraderie as people flock to the drivers side, laughing.

(via LiveLeak)


  1. kids..when dad buys you a new Ford Raptor, make sure to install jounce shocks and turn off the damn airbags before jumping. kthxbye.

    1. An uprated spine would be a good thing to have before trying to jump like that without a down-ramp or four feet of suspension travel.

    1. Hey, give the guy a break; he’s 30. Those other guys are all his great-grandchildren, by the way.

    1. I dunno ’bout that. Judging by the YouTube videos I’ve seen, Russia is still a major competitor in the Assholympics. Americans are especially weak in the Leaping Off of Buildings events, as well as Freestyle Motorway.

  2. That’s an incredibly fast way to total a brand-new $45,000 truck. Admirable efficiency, I guess.

    1. Way I see it, that’s one less gas guzzler on the road. 

      I fully support all truck owners destroying their vehicle in an attempt to prove how macho they are.

      1. I’m … just … bored … with hypocrisy. If you live in a first-world country, then it doesn’t matter whether you drive a Prius or ride a bike: you already consume far, far more energy than your global share. But odds are you drive an only-slightly-more-fuel-efficient car than a truck owner. Oh? Your vehicle gets 37 mpg instead of my 22? Fantastic. Now let’s look at all your other energy consumption. I burn wood instead of running central heating in the winter, and I run fans through much of the summer instead of running central air. Do I now have your permission to own a truck?

        But that’s missing the point, because it’s not actually about mpg. It’s just about hating on whatever convenient target lets you most easily ignore your own issues. I’m just not impressed anymore with petty tribalism, classism, racism–whatever -ism it is that applies, and that’s what’s going on here. Hippies hate on yuppies. Nerds hate on bros. Burners hate on ravers. In-group. Out-group. Blah blah blah. Tell you what: find just one person you really dislike, and hate the shit out of them. At least then it’s personal.

        1. odds are you drive an only-slightly-more-fuel-efficient car than a truck owner. Oh? Your vehicle gets 37 mpg instead of my 22?

          22 mpg vs 37 mpg is not ‘slightly more fuel efficient’- it will use 40% less fuel to do the same mileage. 

          It won’t take a great mileage on your vehicle to outweigh any energy savings you make by not using central heating/air conditioning.

          1. Please don’t miss the forest for the trees. I can always add details to the story to change the balance–such as the fact that I work out of my home and so don’t commute. I typically drive less than 10,000 miles a year. The point is not whether or not my specific energy consumption is more or less than another person’s. The point is that the hate that @boingboing-2cb003b410ba24d03b9fc7fee7e2ad8a:disqus is putting out has nothing to do with the details. Ze just wants to hate on red-necks who drive big trucks, is what it comes down to.

          2. Ze just wants to hate on red-necks who drive big trucks, is what it comes down to.

            Omniscient, are we?

      2. Now THAT would be wasteful and irresponsible.  Unless their replacement vehicle gets 100+ MPG, it would probably be better just to keep the existing guzzlers in service.

          1. I rarely hear all y’all.  But if someone was going to use it I think it be more like this, “Hey, all y’all gotta watch this!”, implying it is being said not by the person attempting the stunt, but by someone else.  

          2. A friend was thrilled when he was around the border between the areas where people say Y’all for the second person plural and where they say you’uns.  He heard somebody use y’all’uns.

        1. Reminds me of that fella back home who fell off a ten-story building. As he was falling, people on each floor kept hearing him say, “So far, so good.” Heh, so far, so good.

    1. You call it beat up and old…it’s a 2nd gen V6 with an open air intake from the sound.  And I bet it’d still be driveable after that.  My wife had one and it was a tough sonofabitch. She had a past tendency to jump curbs…

  3. I thought earlier today, as I watched the Super Bowl commercials online I had missed while watching the game (online also), that for the first time in a long while I had just seen a commercial that made me tear up, want to buy the product, and would be pretty proud of having made the purchase.   I’d be aligning myself with the backbone of this country in buying a Dodge Ram.  It was a very effective commercial.

    The yahoo in this video, however… snapped me right out of it.  Still pretty proud of family farmers and CSA’s though.


    1. There’s a different video of the same jump on youtube, and it ended up with major frame damage.

      Which is why you only jump cheap junk that you can throw away. And why you don’t do 90mph on the ramp.

      1. Thus the comment about he was supposed to be doing 35, and instead he was doing at least 50. He overshoots the landing ramp, and jams the frame into the ground hard enough to set off the air bag, I figured it was a write off just because of the airbag deployment.

        1. There’s a huge dark splotch on the ground where he landed that doesn’t appear in the frames just before. Looks like he tore the oil pan off, spilling a couple gallons of refined dinosaur. Also not good for the warranty.

    2. At least they did a severe enough angle on the launch ramp, otherwise the car develops a swift forward rotation as the front end leaves the ground.  Thelma and Louis would fallen upside down IRL.

  4. Ugh.  So now I have to redefine “wonderful things” to include LiveLeak and Jackass.  The problem I have with this is that it solves no problem, engages in no creative playfulness, and reinforces bro-‘havior.   And all those doods runnin’ to the truck didn’t seem celebratory to me but simultaneously threatening and overzealously voyeuristic.  I’m all-in when it comes to Hooper-style stuntin’, because they takes engineering and recklessness.  This just takes money and stupidity.

    I cant help but think Richard Feynman (who I love for blowing shit up) would also think this is noxious.

    I think I’m no good for the Internets anymore.

    1. I don’t see the “threatening and overzealous voyeurism”  that you’re seeing.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in an area where off-road racing is REALLY popular (and big business), but this seemed rather … eh.  Guy didn’t plan the jump very well at all, and bit it. I’ve seen far worse!

  5. On the subject of airbags a friend told me his car was broken in to by people who triggered an accelerometer and fired the airbags. Doing that also unlocks the doors.

    1.  thats silly, all you gotta do to break into a car is jab a screwdriver in between the glass and frame on any of the windows and wiggle it around. the glass should promptly shatter and not even trigger the alarm if you do it on a back window.

      which is why i doubt anyone would go the long way ’round to open the door, trigger the alarm, make noise, lights flashing etc.

      Experience: had my car broken into before.

      1. Or even better, jam something in the top of the door, and bend it away from the frame enough to get a coathanger in.
        Bonus, after you’ve nicked the stereo the owner can just bend the door back by hand*

        Well, I thought it was quite a polite way of breaking into my car, a replacement door costs more than a cheap stereo.

        *(well, I had to use my knee as leverage)

  6. You notice there are no WIMMEN out there acting like goofy pre-pubescent idiots.

    Actually, now that I think about it, there are no wimmen commenting on it either. Guess they were all at home doing brain surgery and science projects.

  7. I don’t know who is responsible but popular use of the term “airbag” is a great public relations success.  It gives the impression of a nice fluffy pillow.  What really happens is that the shock wave from an unstable high explosive pushes a person back into the seat.  The bag part is there only to keep the pressure on for a few more seconds.

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