Interview with "involuntary porn" webmaster

Craig Brittain is the most prominent operator of an operating "involuntary porn" site, publishing compromising pictures of unsuspecting women and generating extravagant removal fees. While lawyers work on how best to deal with such sites—victims, after all, can't take action without drawing attention to the images—Chet Hardin found Brittain more than willing to rationalize his exploits.

Brittain says Is Anybody Down? is on the cutting edge of an era of total transparency, and the de-stigmatization of sexuality. The negatives of being presented naked on his website are shortcomings of society.

"Occasionally they will get fired," he says of his subjects. "I mean, what do you care if a couple people you know see you naked on the Internet, versus 'Oh, I just lost my job,' or 'I lost my place to stay,' or, 'Now I'm being judged for life'? We are headed to an era, one of the most open and tolerant eras for people's beliefs that we've ever seen, where people would accept each other regardless."

This man had a livejournal where he explained how evil women are.


  1. Well, thank fuck he and his are here to usher mankind into a new age of enlightenment.

    What a waste of carbon.

    1. Reminds me of the child molesters who say “I was just trying to get them comfortable with their sexuality.”

        1. They both justify their abuse of a powerless population with thing veneers of reasoning while ignoring the profound harm they are subjecting their victims to?

  2. It’s important to note, though, that the quoted bit is just one of many, often mutually inconsistent, rationalizations Craig has offered for what he does.  Others include “they all specifically consented to being on my site” and “they deserve it” and “by giving ex-boyfriends an outlet for rage we are preventing domestic violence” and “these are cautionary tales that help train people to be cautious with their images” and so forth.

    1. Here I thought his main goal was to try and get his manhood back after selling it off on Myspace, offering cam shows to anyone with a couple bucks.  Its hard to be a star when you pull your asset out and people giggle.

      1.  What do you mean?  Doesn’t he have Dick Danger or Rick Superstrong or whatever his lawyer “friend” is called?

        1. Wasn’t it “Studley Hungwell, attorney at law”?

          No, wait, that was Bhil’s ex-wife’s divorce attorney.  Sorry.

  3. Sheesh, and I though the guy yesterday looked douchey.  It’s as if Massengill and Eddie Munster had a love child and then abandoned it on the beaches of the Jersey Shore.

  4. That kid is a piece of work. His Twitter featured some nice straight-up racist id. Hopefully someone successfully sues him into permanent destitution.

    1. Isn’t he associates with active white supremacists? I recall some discussion of this on the Ars board, his sociopathy is pretty unsurprising.

  5. Someone needs to get their hands on a picture of him with his full unibrow and post that for everyone to see. Look at those nice clean lines.

  6. Gee, if only I could find a way to make money off of “de-stigmatizing sexuality”…
    Jeez, what a sociopathic little douche.

      1.  MRAs really do boil my fucking piss. Even by the standards of bigoted idiots, their whole shtick comes across as petulant, childish sulking.

  7. I keep wondering how these sites are getting away with wholesale extortion – if I had a nude picture of someone and told them “Give me a bunch of money or I’ll post it on the internet”, I’d be arrested for extorting funds from them.

    Does it somehow become legally OK when I do it openly and claim it’s a legitimate business? Does this work for other things? Because I’m sure I could make lots of money from…

  8. Aaaaaaand spit take:
    “I really hate this job and I do not do it for revenge, to hurt people, etc., I do it because Barack Obama is the second worst President in US history (second only to Jimmy Carter). The job market is really screwed up. A talented guy like me is easily worth seven figures or more in a good economy. … Do you know what I’d be doing with my life if it wasn’t for this website? Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Back against the wall, going to interview after interview and being rejected like every other honest, hard-working American.”

      1. Yeah, that’s what’s so frustrating about this statement: my mind doesn’t have any way to resolve this creature’s ideas other than violence — it’s an uncomfortable urge.

    1. Every capitalist master of the universe is only living in their basement because of “liberals”, of course.

      1.  Well sure.  If the libruls hadn’t allowed the darkies, women, jews and homos to have real jobs there wouldn’t be enough capitalist masters of the universe to go around, amirite?  It’s the liberals who ruined the market by making it open to people with actual ability, instead of reserving the good jobs to people of proper ancestry, upbringing, and gender.

    2. What did Jimmy Carter do that made conservatives so mad? Increased US aid to Indonesia while they were slaughtering East Timorians? Because conservatives are suddenly retroactively against that?

      1. I had this same question. I always thought the worst you could say about him, really was that he was a bit bumbling and didn’t do much. But the vitriol over him makes me think there must be something I don’t know, or that his post-presidential actions (Building houses for the needy, the devil!) were so infuriating to the bootstraps crowd that they backdate their hate.

    3. Jesus tittyfucking christ. The only seven figures he’s worth a the seven dollars it would cost you every week if you said ‘If I give you this dollar, would you just fuck off?’ of a morning. Though I suspect that such an egregiously awful beard wouldn’t help with panhandling; it has Scrooge-imbuing powers on me, at least.

  9. I’m trying to figure out how extorting money from people to remove naked photos of them promotes tolerance or transparency. By this {shitty} reasoning, the way to have a transparent culture tolerant of nudity and sex would be to post nude photos and *refuse* to take them down, no matter how much people begged or bribed you.

    1. Like everything else in that kind of person, it becomes a ‘mine is bigger than yours’ competition.

  10. Colorado Springs is really doing everything it can to keep its loooong string of Asshattery Trophies going.  On the other hand, awesome to see the Independent still going strong, it’s always been a truly exemplary local paper. 

  11. So no ones ever sent the cops to see if hes gotten underaged pics sent to him.  You know he kept them.

    Why do people keep trying to pretend they can reason with this douche? 

    There are lawyers just WAITING to rip this kid apart, and the “victims” spend their time talking to everyone but the cops or lawyers.  Because doing a press conference about this totally embarrassing photo will draw way less attention than suing him?  Something really really is not adding up, this story has been bubbling for a while now and not 1 victim has taken up the offers of legal help to my knowledge.

    How to turn a crappy website into a viral marketing sensation…
    Step 1 have a Douche
    Step 2 have upset victims
    Step 3 inflame internets
    Step 4 Profit
    Even with no one posting the name, why do I have a feeling he’s had a huge spike in hits from all of this attention.

    1. But your theory implies that this POS has more than an amoebic form of intelligence !

      Re: victims and lawyers. Unless those lawyers are pro-bono, not many of the victims (ie young women) could even afford to begin this fight. And let us not forget that the judicial system, including lawyers, still maintains a stance that is victim-blamey, to say the least.

      1. IIRC Marc Randazza offered his help pro-bono or damn cheap. He wanted to take the trash out. I could be wrong (disclosure Mr. Randazza and myself don’t get along 99.7% of the time) but he hated what this asshat was doing and wanted to put an end to it, all he lacked was a client.

        1. Okay, but as a lawyer, has his stance been that of the lawyer that battles Goliath for David, on the side of ethics/justice or is he cut from the same cloth as many a grandstanding lawyer in search of the CASE THAT WILL MAKE HIM FAMOUS ?

          That may be why none of the victims in his vicinity will  go near him.

          1. Marc Randazza is an established and well known lawyer in 1st Amendment Circles.  He helped kill Righthaven.  I doubt he was looking for publicity.  His is just 1 name on the landscape, Ken over at Popehat has talked about this case and I’m sure he could put them in touch with other lawyers willing to help if Randazza is to “showy”.

      2. Oh and there is another brain trust involved in this who is trying to keep a lower profile that Douchey McDouche but he is just as slimy.  Between the 2 of them one wonders…

  12. Damn! Sure this guy is a douchebag supreme but why do some people keep equating him to a child molester/kiddy porn freak? It makes no sense to me.

    1. He solicits pictures from mad people to embarrass other people so he can get paid. 
      Maybe you’ve missed the thousands of moral panic stories about kids “sexting” naked pics of themselves.  Playing the odds he more than likely has been sent pictures that would qualify as CP.  Add in a dash of racism, hatred of women, criminal charges from bad decisions and you can see a pattern of him not being well adjusted and making thoughtful decisions.

  13. I also recently interviewed the administrator of an ‘involuntary porn’ website – after about 30 Texas women joined a lawsuit against the site

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