MAD magazine documentary on Kickstarter


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    • noah django says:

       came here looking for this–thanks!

      mom got me started with Mad when I was barely literate and renewed my sub every year for christmas.  I read pretty much every issue between ’79 or ’80 through ’92.  Gaines died right around then and I went off to college, kinda let it drop at that point.  I’ll probably kick in a few bucks if they still need it.

  1. Erik Denning says:

    It never occured to me what a boy’s club MAD was. I read MAD all the time, when it was good*, and I don’t recall ever seeing a woman’s name credited for anything. Not that I cared, being a dude myself. Just pointing out the obvious I guess.

    *I think It stopped being funny in the 80s. I think it’s interesting that the more they loosened their language standards, allowing words like damn, crap, shit, and who knows what else, the flatter the humor became. But you can’t go on working “Blech” into every movie title forever. 

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