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7 Responses to “Ralph Bakshi's Kickstarter-funded documentary on Coney Island in the 1960s”

  1. deathfrog14 says:

    We chipped in, it’s exciting to see Ralph Bakshi come back after such a long hiatus, everyone should at least check his stuff out, the man is amazing and ranks in the top 5 influences for just about every animator in the world.

  2. sfnate says:

    I’ll never forgive him for what he did to The Lord of the Rings.

    That aside, this looks pretty interesting.

  3. Pickleschlitz says:

    Hooray for Bakshi! I’m getting so sick of sanitized, plastic, corporate, computer generated cartoons. It’s time for down and dirty REAL stuff again. Man those books with the marker sketches in them look sweet!

  4. Flashman says:

    They called Coney Island the Playground of the World. There was no place like it in the whole world. No place in the world like it. It was so fabulous. Now it’s shrunk down to almost nothing.

  5. Tom Rombouts says:

    I love the setting, Coney Island! I will never forget my one afternoon there, on a windy, dark cloudy day in the fall of 1986.  A few places were open along the boardwalk, others were closed.  Some old places were fenced off and apparently out of business.  The old parachute drop tower was still there in the distance.  In one vacant lot next to and below the boardwalk we saw maybe 20 rats suddenly start to run.  The reality that day was so different from the images I had formed in my mind of Coney Island as a big warm and sunny happy playground.  Like much of New York, maybe it has come back since then.  But on that day in 1986, it seemed like a place that was almost literally rotting away.

  6. Napalm Dog says:

    I’d love to like Bakshi, but he’s got quite the history of theft for me, specifically Crumb and Bode, that makes him less than legitimate for me to take anything he’s done to heart…