Roll your own pulp magazine cover, with the Pulp-o-mizer

It's pretty great.


  1. “When you gaze too long into the banana, the banana also gazes into you.”  – Chiquita Nietzsche

  2. Pretty Great?  I will be wasting so much time with this over the next few days. Thanks a lot Xeni.  :)

  3. Wow, this is the best web art app I’ve ever seen.  So much fun and so pretty.  What better way to vent!

  4. Bradley Schenck is some kind of genius. I get my business cards from him.

    We’ve been talking for a few years now about his doing a book for me.

    I think this new invention of his is fantastic, or maybe amazing.


  5. I hope this guy makes a boatload of money with this. It is a beautiful idea and really nicely executed. Great work! I’m inspired.

  6. Thanks for this link, Xeni! It inspired me to make two flyers for my course on “Philosophy of Probability”, which will start next week (at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands).

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