Surgeon Simulator 2013 game

Bossa Studios created the surgery game "Surgeon Simulator 2013" in a weekend. It's somewhere between Operation, advanced medical training simulations, and splatterpunk films. From the description on Steam Greenlight:

You are Nigel Burke... an ordinary guy, with no outstanding skills. Somehow forced to perform an array of vastly complicated procedures, using any tools available. Your goal will be to complete every operation in the quickest time possible, with minimal blood loss!
"Surgeon Simulator 2013"


  1. If you liked QWOP, but felt like there wasn’t enough cardiothoracic surgery, then this is the game for you.

  2. That video had me in tears.  

    My cow orkers kept wondering why I was busting out laughing.  They wandered over to my desk, and for some strange reason, they weren’t too impressed by the video…

  3. Where’s the option to check their insurance?  If I can’t buy a Ferrari off this guy, he’s getting some instrument left in his body cavity.

  4. just took it for a spin, it’s remarkably like being very, very drunk or on a terrible cocktail of drugs. within seconds i’d smashed or knocked everything over and punched the patient in the face. linux version is extremely glitchy, might try the windows one.
    if you enjoyed the drunk driving in gta 4 you’ll love drunk surgery. 10/10.

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