The mindblowing GIFs of Tijuana-based artist Simon Pecco


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  1. duncancreamer says:

    So, those are mindblowing are they?

  2. Aaron Bockelie says:

    I’m tired of the recent resurgence animated gif files. Dealing with 8 bit fixed palette images should remain in the past, along with Autodesk Animator, LHA files, and possibly the PC-98. Where are my parachute pants and neon colors? Get off my lawn!

  3. Guest says:

    I can’t feel my legs!

  4. So, GIF Creator is now a job title? My high school vocational counselor knew nothing!

  5. Cowicide says:

    Does his website makes anyone else’s computer fan start blowing?

    • pdffs says:

      Yes.  Also, worst possible way to present GIF images with transparency, as they’re stacked on top of each other and images lower on the stack bleed through the current image.  Also, it glitched out a few images in and ended up stopping the animation with the current image massively zoomed so that a portion of it fills the entire screen, making it impossible to view the current image, or the next one properly.  Additionally, my mind is definitely intact.

      Incidentally, the glitch occurred on an animation of Batman masturbating his oversized pyramid-shaped penis, and the zoom factor made basically only the crotch area visible, so that’s…. something.

  6. Aaron Bockelie says:

    I’d also like to add, this guy’s animated gifs are mind blowing:

  7. Tim Topple says:

    brilliant. And wow, a lot of cynicism over these parts.  Boo hoo your fan blows, waa waa you’ve seen giffs before, kill me it glitched a bit (kind of the point, no?), and my favourite: “Dealing with 8 bit fixed palette images should remain in the past”.  Or is this all The Onion of comments?

  8. Terrence1 says:

    These were very popular during the recent Mexican election, millions of people had them FWD in their email and on Facebook. Crazy. 

  9. We says:

    Mr. Div is also a gifmaster contender:

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