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7 Responses to “The Source Family, documentary about 1970s Los Angeles freak cult/commune”

  1. TheMadLibrarian says:

    Holy cats… I didn’t realize it, but these folks used to come to our library several years ago.

  2. Preston Sturges says:

    I guess the guy looked like a genius as long as his health food place was raking in money on Sunset Strip.  Was he guided to Maui by a vision or something?  Did he have any idea how small Maui is or how completely unimpressed the residents would be with his Hollywood guru shtick?  It would have worked today, because he’d probably get Oprah and Richard Gere to hang out there.

  3. Matt Painter says:

    Father Yod lead a band called Ya Ho Wa 13. Their album ‘Penetration – An Aquarium Symphony’ is highly recommended if you’re into drug-induced, experimental, meditative psychedelica.

  4. class_enemy says:

    family members Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian

    Dave Barry, or even the Firesign Theater, would have trouble making this up.

  5. Nezrite says:

    And now I think I know where Monty Python got their image of God for “The Holy Grail.”

  6. yochannah says:

    I spent a while wondering if I understood the correct usage of the word ‘instigated’, but I see that thesourcedoc.com has now changed the phrase to ” caused controversy with local authorities.” Phew.