"Touching," micro-fiction by David Gill


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  1. timquinn says:

    “Thanks” isn’t just a pleasantry. It is polite for a reason (I am just realizing this, or making it up.) It signals the end of the exchange and success. It isn’t too hard to imagine a more complicated message being simplified to this for the convenience of the human and the information of the computer. 

  2. TaymonBeal says:

    Why exactly does the AI want to touch him? The human desire for physical contact is an evolutionary adaptation that an AI wouldn’t have unless it had been programmed in, which is implied not to be the case.

  3. Chentzilla says:

    If we have to “Read the rest”, it’s not so micro.

  4. jgs says:

    Since I see the nitpicking has all been covered, I’ll just say “thanks”. That was a nice interlude.

  5. TheOven says:

    What’s quoted above, I thought  was the entirety of the story. End it at “What about touching?” and you’ve got an excellent  micro-fiction story. It leaves an loaded open ended question rife with possibilities that the remaining half of the short failed, somehow, to fulfill.

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