A lot of birds

I loved watching this. The shapes they form are just mesmerizing.


    1. From a reply at the Vimeo link: “In Marseille, France. At the airport of Provence.”

      I’ve seen similar things in autumn/early winter in the Midwestern U.S.  It is truly astounding to see such an aerial right over your (protected) head.

  1. I live near Modesto, CA and we can see this downtown most any evening. It truly is an incredible sight, people will stop walking or even pull over to the curb to get out and watch the flight. It’s called a ‘mummeration’.

  2. In the 1800s Passenger Pigeons could darken the skies from horizon to horizon.  Beautiful fluid dynamics.

    1. When you say “fluid dynamics”, are you referring to passenger pigeon poop whitening the land from horizon to horizon?

  3. Avian lava lamp.

    That made me wonder if the inventor of the lava lamp was inspired by the shapes of nature: turns out he might have been in a rather unexpected way, because I just found out he was a naturist.  Thank you, internet.

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