Cory in Portland today, San Francisco tomorrow!

Last night, I kicked off the tour for Homeland (the sequel to Little Brother) with an amazing event at the Seattle Public Library, and now I'm hitting the road! I'll be in Portland tonight, at the Powell's in Beaverton at 7PM. Tomorrow I hit San Francisco with a stop at Booksmith on the 7th, then another at Borderlands on the 8th. From there, I'm off to Salt Lake City's Leonardo museum for an event on Feb 9. There's 22 cities in all -- here's the list!


  1. Saw you last night, and really appreciated the background on Aaron Swartz. Hearing you speak, I felt ideas click together in a way that’s different when I read your writing. I think taking better care of each other is only half of it- we also have to take better care of ourselves, and reach out as we can/as we need to. He was a victim, true, but he also failed to do something we all wish he’d tried.

     I was there with my girlfriend who isn’t really current with the copyfight struggle. She’s more on the side of the artists who want to get paid. I would have liked to ask you to talk about what fair compensation might look like in the future, if Big Content is no longer calling the shots.

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