Human-faced dog up for adoption


Tonik, a canine-human hybrid, is available for adoption in Mishawaka, Indiana. He is a Poodle/Shih Tzu/human mix. (via Nothing To Do With Arbroath)


  1. SCP-1712: “Tonik”. Object class: Euclid. Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 has been deployed to administer class-C amnesiacs to those exposed to SCP-1712.

      1. You are advised not to view the SCP files late at night, because recent reports of [DATA EXPUNGED] have lead to incidents of ██████ in the minds of those exposed. Experiment 1712-1 has shown that there is no measurable relation between SCP-███, however, telepathic communication cannot be ruled out. In the area surrounding SCP-███ near ██████°N, ██████°E it is particularly unsafe to ███████ ██████ the █████████ ██████ and unless the correct procedures are taken, ██████ █████████ will ██████ ██ █████████ as reported in Incident Log 1712-652.  Dr. [REDACTED] has not been seen since, and is thought to be [DATA EXPUNGED]. Shortly before █████████, Dr. [REDACTED] recommended upgrading SCP-1712’s object class to Keter.

    1. Remember, Tonik is originally from Kentucky.  We’re all about human/animal hybrids here – check out our senators, McConnell and Paul.

  2. Picked this one up in Seoul, right?  Hannibal Chew already fixed the weird looks thing.  Better ones in Taipei.

  3. WHY is he up for adoption ? Does he practice a wordless, unnerving stare ? Does he makes sounds that uncomfortably resemble human speech ? Does he put ketchup on his hot dogs ?

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