In which a sea cucumber is overcome by lust

This is how the vast majority of sea cucumbers reproduce — by rearing up and releasing a stream of gametes (that is, sperm or eggs, depending) into the water.

WARNING: This video may be considered not safe for work. Especially if you work for or with sea cucumbers.


  1. According to what I’ve read sea cucumbers can turn away predators by ejecting most of their internal organs, which then grow back. Call me a sadist but I’d rather see that trick caught on camera.

    1. I triggered that once when wading among tidepools.  It looks like the sea cucumber suddenly decides to make a bunch of soba noodles.  The extrusion took about 15 seconds from start to finish.

    1.  “I don’t drink water, fish fuck in it”. 

      I was reading through the comments just to see if someone else had put this up or not.  Dang you.

  2. It might look strange to us, but I’m sure the sea cucumber would be more freaked out if it saw how we do it.

  3. I like how the camera starts backing off as cucumber tumescence develops.  Like someone having serious second thoughts about the one night stand they’ve found themselves in.

  4. Seacucumbers are not that interesting. You should feature nudibranchs instead. Their mating behaviors are much more interesting. For example, they engage in something know as “penis fencing” where two nudies crawl up to eachother, “draw their swords”,  fance it out and whoever manages to stick his…uhum..slug organ…under the “skirt” of the other nudie get to be the “male”. In some species mating happens in orgies of several individuals. I witnessed 7 nudies having what looked like a jolly good seaslug  group-activity time while diving in Milne Bay, PNG. Bonus points: some nudies are actually solar powered! 

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