Monopoly piece contest: kitty in, iron out

20130206-160356.jpgLast month we reported that the makers of Monopoly were holding an election to add a new piece to the game, and to get rid of one of the existing pieces. I was sure the robot would win, but the cat lovers stuffed the ballot boxes, likely cheating, to make sure the kitty won. No one is surprised that the iron was voted out. (Thanks, Amy!)


  1. I can haz get-out-of-jail-tree card? the cat wondered as it contemplated the barking Scottie dog beneath it.

  2. Brilliant way to sell more copies of a uninspired game that almost everyone has a copy of already.

    I think we need “Settlers of CATtan,” in which the roads are little carved pieces of yarn, and the buildings are cat scratching posts.

    1. How about Settlers of Caftan, in which all the players are late-middle-aged gay men and every playing piece is a cat?

      1. Huh. I envisioned Settlers of Caftan as a brutal, but romantic, ornately decorated, onion-domed world of paranoid, epicurean, aristocratic Russian libertines of the pre-19th Century era. Traditional Russian aristocrats loved their caftans. And their muzhelozhstvo (men lying with men).

        Your version would, of course, have to include a late middle-aged version of Shelley Winters and her wardrobe of 12 fabulously swooshy psychedelic caftans. Including the one in which she performed her Olympic-length Swan Swim in the waterlogged Poseidon.

    1. I think you’re on to something. Monopoly pieces could be made from Kama Sutra poses. “Damn it! Why do you always get to be reverse cowgirl?”

  3. Great. I knew they were going to get rid of my piece. I love the iron if only because of its charm and subtle menance (a hot iron is nothing to trifle with).

    I might be more bummed out if there weren’t nowadays a massive proliferation of far better board games to choose from (Agricola, Ticket to Ride, Thurn and Taxis, Dominion, Few Acres of Snow, and yes Settlers of Catan).

    I don’t know that I’ll ever be desperate enough to buy Monopoly these days.

  4. Coming up next:

    Vote for which weapon will be replaced in CLUE.

    I want to see the Lead Pipe replaced with a Chainsaw.

    (Or a cat. Cats are underrated as murder weapons. And including a cat will sell thousands of copies to obsessive-completist cat fanciers.)

    1. Maybe the Iron can find a home in your new edition of Clue.  I always thought an iron would make a gruesome weapon.

    1. It wasn’t just a robot. It was a robot with a ‘stache! Apparently that was enough for it to cross over into the uncanny valley.

  5. I am disappointed with this: what about the stupid thimble?!  A blatant symbol of female oppression by the Patriarchy if there ever was one!

    And not even a real thimble!  The iron was useful (theoretically)…  

    While the Scottie dog looks straight ahead at Art Deco attention; its new Nemesis strikes a fey pose…with Monopoly branding.  How…sweet.

    It’s a Travesty I tell you!  I am now going outside to shout random imprecations…

  6. “You hear that iron?  Nobody likes you!  Nobody!  Now get out and stay out!”Of course, the iron grew up, became a major player on Wall Street, bought Parker Bros., dismantled the company and FIRED EVERYBODY.

  7. Fundamentally, Monopoly was never INTENDED to be a fun game.  Instead “the landlord game” was intended to teach Georgist economics.  If everybody but winner is forced to continue to play for a long time in ever growing poverty and boredom while the leader amasses ever more money and resources…well that’s kind of the whole POINT.

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