Mysterious DVD appears in BB reader's front lawn

Michael Donaldson says:

I thought I'd share this evidence of a recent discovery with all of you as I feel it might be of interest. Yesterday this was found laying in the center of my front lawn. The disc was carefully wrapped in multiple layers of Saran Wrap and sealed at the center, supposedly to protect it from the elements. Once the wrap was opened there were a few evenly cut pieces of white paper folded over the eventual reveal. No idea if I was specifically targeted or if someone was going through my neighborhood throwing these out for everyone. Of course, I'm hoping this was meant just for me but will go for a walk in a bit to see if other specimens can be spotted in my neighbors' yards. I'm a bit hesitant to follow the instructions.

BB G+ers are demanding that Michael upload the audio file, but Michael says he;s having trouble playing it. Do you have any tips for him?


  1. oo, a realtime schizo rant? you really should upload this.. 

    as far as tips, (to start, anyway) is there a file on the disc? if so, what kind?

    you probably don’t want to let it autoplay, at any rate, hah..

  2. I once worked with a lady whose understanding of how video signals made their way from the broadcaster to her eyes was akin to this person’s understanding of how a particular DVD can control which remote control’s button will allow one to hear it.

    Which is to say, not very good.

  3. As has been said billions and billions of times on teh Internets: “Congratulations… You opened it!”

  4. If you see what looks like statues of angels where you didn’t notice them before, keep your eyes on them, back away, and don’t blink, not even for a second.  Someone will be by for the disk in just a bit.  Or a couple years.  On second thought, if nobody does come by, please leave message for your descendants to expect someone to come by for the disk. 

  5. That attached note was typed on a typewriter.  That alone should send shivers.  ((he drank all the whiteout))

    1. It’s an old person with a tenuous grip on technology sending himself a note to the future him, who will have forgotten the previous discovery by time it’s seen again.  My grandfather used to over-label everything like this.  He didn’t want to learn how it worked, just wanted to completely codify every step required to make it work.

  6. Some TVs will only play audio files on one of it’s inputs. Other inputs require a video signal before it will pass the audio through.
    My bet is it is an audio file burned to a DVD.

      1. Or the greatest troll in history.  I imagine he, or she, has traveled the world, searching for a plastic surgeon that will give him/her a real-life COOLFACE.JPG.

        When the victim is at the exact moment of total decompensation, our happy little fellow will round the corner and offer “u mad bro?” in American Sign Language.

  7. It would be helpful to insert the disk into a DVD drive and view the files on the DVD to see what format the file is in. If it is an MP3 file, then I’d rip it in iTunes. Then he can email it to Boing Boing or, if technically savvy enough, upload it somewhere. 

    Somewhat curious as to this weirdness. 

  8. Put it in a computer and see what’s on it. It may be a data DVD with an audio file on it or something. It may be a VIDEO_TS folder. It may be that he burned it to CD and then tried to “burn”it to DVD and it’s just a bunch of blank crap because it’s not compatible without ripping the CD first. We must know!

      1. Ever notice how the patter of an evangelical preacher and the patter of a schizophrenic (preacher or otherwise) is essentially identical?  I’m not saying all evangelical preachers are schizophrenic, just that the cognitive source of their “revelation” is pretty much the same.

        That’s not some huge suprise, but I think what’s important and interesting, and I think worthy of study, is why so many people find that obvious nuttery to be so appealing. Is it a cultural thing (it drives me up the wall) or is it some built in wiring in our brains, a kind of hypnotism?

        1. [Prof. Robert Sapolsky, Spring 2002, Human Behavioral Biology & The Biology of Religion]

          In short: no, it’s not surprising, and there are actually solid biological reasons to suppose that religious behavior (and especially codified or organized religious behavior) is related to both normal/healthy humans’ desire for the numinous/transcendent and the ability of schizophrenia-spectrum types to provide such experiences.

  9. I cant believe you picked that shit up and proceeded to unwrap the saran wrap. That thing has anthrax written all over it. Or at the very least it’s been handled with jizzy-fingers.


  10. Where there other lawns with the disc? I’m curious now. As to playing it, I’d use a copy of VLC on your PC. If it’s playable at all in whatever format, VLC should handle it.

    1. Yupp. Looks like an ARG rabbit hole entry to me. The special writing style looks like a riddle to me, the strange white paper shapes(?) as well, and definitively the data/sound on the DVD.

      Unfiction having any word on it?

  11. If y’all want to know what’s on the disk you should check out @google-9120f29af0aa7d927bd5555ee4cd4c04:disqus ‘s post above. Looks like an identical package was found in 2008 and the finder posted some info about what was on the disc.

  12. I suspect the sermon would be about as applicable to my setup as the instructions on how to play the DVD. I’ve got a pretty sophisticated personal life philosophy/home theater setup.

  13. That disk has “social engineering” written all over it, I would NOT put that i a computer.  This is exactly the kind of thing that a social engineer would do, distribute a bunch of disk about, and hope that the curious would stick it in a PC, only to open a backdoor hack and steal your stuff.  This is a favorite tactic of pentesters, drop several USB drives around in a parking lot outside a target company, and then allow the curious to backdoor a machine inside when they insert the disk to see what was on it.

    You have been warned.

  14. It might contain the ultimate breakthrough about Natalie Wood’s mysterious death. Maybe you have been chosen for a long-kept secret to be unveiled by the mysterious typewriter man before he gets quiet forever.

    1.  “The part of Natalie Wood is played by Joelle Van Dyne” – didn’t “Infinite Jest” teach you anything?

    2. Naw, it’s okay.  We haven’t advanced computer technology to the point where a monitor will break down fundamentally and display snow…

      Ya… like TVs on a dead channel… because monitors are just TVs, right?  

      That’s one part of Snowcrash that still drives me up the wall(hack).

  15. I keep trying to open it with Winamp, but something called Realplayer just pops up instead and freezes my computer. My son says he might have saved Grim Fandango on there too. That probably explains that file GFGA144_-facia.rm. I tried reading it from B: drive, but the disc doesn’t fit. When I finally figure this out, I’m just going to buy a pallet of CD-RWs, so I never have to deal with this again. 

    Maybe it’s sandy. I’ll try blowing on it.  

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