PES's title sequence for Dutch TV show

Het Klokhuis (Dutch for "apple core") is an educational TV show for young people that's aired in the Netherlands for 25 years. They asked the amazing PES, whose "Fresh Guacamole" was nominated for a 2013 Oscar, to create a new title sequence.


  1. Wicked – glad to see that the tune is still (almost) the same. Loved that show when I still lived in Holland.

  2. Het Klokhuis is a wonderful show, educational about a wide range of subjects, but not condescending to kids and quite interesting and entertaining for adults, as well. The witty and slightly absurd sketches and songs, written by some off Holland’s top-notch talent, are an added bonus. Too bad for most of you it’s all in Dutch. I think many Boing Boing readers would enjoy it.

  3. Am curious about the etymology of klokhuis. Seems to be from “bell housing”: but how did that come to mean “core”? (Don’t think it does mean “apple core” so much as just core).

    1. I am having a hard time to come up with a different fruit that has its core Reverend to as a “klokhuis” in Dutch. Just a thought  maybe the way the seeds are hidden in arches reminded someone way back then, of a new fancy bell tower, with all kinds of arches to hang the bells. 

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