Skele-Gore, now with fluorescent colors!

Scarecrowoven has revisited his "Skele Gore" image, and just in time for St Valentine's Day! Of the new version, Mr Scarecrowoven sez, "It's pretty insane. In person, the colors are so bright and fluorescent they actually work under a black light."

Skelegore "TRIP AT THE BRAIN EDITION" giclee print


5 Responses to “Skele-Gore, now with fluorescent colors!”

  1. Cowicide says:

    Has somebody been hitting the acid again?

  2. hypersomniac says:


  3. Dignan says:

    I’m not seeing Al Gore.

  4. timquinn says:

    OK! The first psychedelic moment was spoiled because of bad print technology. This one is going to be awesome . . . 

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