The Wrecking Crew - documentary screening about the famed studio musicians of the 1960s and 1970s (2/9/2013)


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  1. Lee Keeler says:

    Got to see this about 4 years ago at the Savannah Film Festival. Tedesco is a great guy and the doc is solid. They are also the house band on the infmaous T.A.M.I. show…we’re talking Glen Campbell laughing and clapping in the background while James Brown melts faces. 

    • BillStewart2012 says:

      It was also at the Mill Valley Film Festival a few years back. 

      It’s a great film, especially if you’re old enough to have been around when that music came out.  So much of the pop music of that period had these guys in the studio.  But even if you weren’t, it’s worth getting an inside view of how the music business works to understand what’s going on today.

  2. timquinn says:

    Those guys were everywhere. Once you figure that out all the music from the 60s sounds different. From the batman theme to the top forty hits and some of the hippest records of the day. Los Angeles was a smaller town then.

  3. billstreeter says:

    Great film, saw it at the St. Louis International Film fest a couple of years ago. Too bad it’ll probably never see a wide release. Exorbitant music rights fees are making that impossible. 

    • John Ochwat says:

      I think they’re closing in on the amount they need for the music licensing … which means one of these days, it will get out beyond the festival circuit. And that’s a good thing.

  4. irksome says:

    Sort of off topic but if this sparks your interest you should find “Standing In The Shadows Of Motown”, a documentary about Motown’s Funk Brothers who were the greatest hit machine in popular music. They played on everything coming out of Detroit. Great story, with a live show mixed in.

    At the end, when there would normally be scrolling credits of all the songs they played on, the song names just come falling out of the top of the screen. You name it, they played on it.

  5. Wizard_of_Frobozz says:

    It’s worth noting that Carol Kaye, the woman shown in this trailer, hates it and says it misrepresents them.  Check out her web site for her reasons.

  6. WinstonSmith2012 says:

    Made in 2008, NOT on DVD that I can find.  Damn.

  7. John Michlig says:

    These are the musicians who made the classic MARKETTS PLAY THE BATMAN THEME album. GREAT sounds.

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