Worlds longest cat dies


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  1. JohnnyLA says:

    I imagine he’ll be meeting Ceiling Cat very soon. 

    Which one BB post is not like the other? :)

     Cat dies, sheep dies, Lead signer of the Troggs dies…

  2. Brainspore says:

    They just had to use the cat stretcher “one more time…”

  3. xian says:

    Damn, BoingBoing trifecta!

  4. semiotix says:

    Long cat was long.

  5. Josh Slavin says:

    One small picture in an article that is only enticing because it talks about a physical oddity.  I clicked on the link to see pictures of this exceptional cat.  This is (another reason) why newspapers are failing–they still don’t understand how the internet works or what people want on it–and sites like Buzzfeed are succeeding.

  6. Geraint Morgan says:

    Breaking news: new record holder for world’s longest stuffed cat expected to be announced any day now….

  7. Lobster says:

    I’ll honor him with 1.15 moments of silence.

  8. Mr. Son says:

    My mom’s cat, who’s been living with me for the last couple years, and who I grew up with, died yesterday, too. He was 18yo and had skin cancer, and had stopped eating. We had to have him put down. I… Think I need to go watch youtube videos of kittens for a while.

  9. fredges says:

    Maybe the owner will replace Stewie with a dachshund and get a long little doggie.

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