Awesome Chinese inventions for the long New Year's train ride home


11 Responses to “Awesome Chinese inventions for the long New Year's train ride home”

  1. Ian McLoud says:

     Awesome Lame.

  2. awjt says:

    Zhou Zhou’s convertible luggage trolley/sleeper chair has promise.  Looks intricate to set up and that part needs to be redesigned.  BUT, great idea.  (& breathing oxygen fumes from Sodium Perchlorate Manganese or whatever???  WTF? no thanks.)

  3.  I challenge him to board a plane to America with it.

  4. CaptainPedge says:

    That rubber chicken is useless! Doesn’t even have a pulley in the middle!

  5. Dlo Burns says:

    I thought the ostrich head was a design joke.

  6. Its called Ostrich Pillow and it is the must have item for 2013.  Designed by Kawamura-Ganjavian and produced by hand in Spain by Studio Banana Things – available to purchase only via

  7. Why can’t I watch this video on an iPad in Australia? This is not a joke question, what is the deal?

  8. Whoops, I worked it out!

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