Creepy ecological parable Archipelagos remade for mobiles

Archipelagos was a 1989 Amiga game set on an expanse of tiny islands. The objective was to purify what remained of the land while being stalked by corrupted trees, which could move only when outside of the player's field of view. Remembered thanks to its tense gameplay and occult atmosphere, it's just been ported to iOS and BlackBerry(!) by original author Paul Carruthers. John Polson interviewed him for the Indie Games weblog; PC and Android cuts are on on the way.


    1.  Just what I was thinking – I’ve never played Archipelago but it sounds like spiritual kin to Sentinel. I spent many tense hours playing that one on the C64.

      There was a PC remake many years ago. I remember that (like Archipelago) they went for the more polished graphical style possible on modern computers, and lost a bit of atmosphere because of that.

      I guess I just like very stripped down diagramatic looking games. I should probably time travel back to the Amiga era…

      1. Ouch, I thought of Sentinel the second I saw the article.

        One of the strangest games I purchased for the Playstation (PSX).

        Not the game itself, but the idea of buying such a ‘basic’ game for a console like the Playstation (PSX).

        It seemed so at odds with the other mainstream titles on the shelf.

        Looking forward to trying this particular title out on Android.

  1. Does the remake have the periodic deliberate maps as opposed to the majority procedurally generated ones? I seem to recall the original had a level where the map was the British Isles, and another based on the credits to Eastenders.

  2. ITYM Zarch which was written by Dave Braben (of Elite) as the release game for the Acorn Archimedes (the first computer to use the ARM) which was then ported by Jez San (of Argonaut) to the Amiga…

  3. Amiga was my first computer.  I had, and enjoyed, this game. I vaguely seem to recall it had pretty cool music or sound effects, too. Glad to see it getting a second life. :)

  4. I played this game on the Amiga, I really loved it’s eerie music and gameplay. I don’t know where you got the idea that the trees only moved when you weren’t looking at them though. I distinctly remember watching one move closer to me every time it sank into the ground.

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