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14 Responses to “Hindi Superman: 1987”

  1. tw1515tw says:

    EVERYONE knows Superman is Indian 
    There’s only one country where you can run faster than the train – India!

  2. shutz says:

    What is it with Superman villains and crooked real-estate schemes?

  3. Wow, I randomly skipped about 11 minutes in to find kid Superman (I assume) break-dancing to BEAT IT!  Wasn’t expecting that.

  4. djcarlito says:

    This is so awesome… didn’t realize they made a full Superman movie in Hindi…   was previously only familiar with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY-3hlxn2oU

    uh-oh…..  who’s the real Hindi Superman!!!!? 

  5. Jayajit Dash says:

    I would love to subtitle this for you guys. Any suggestions on how to do that?

  6. Interesting! Dharmendra and Ashok Kumar, playing Jor-El and Superman’s Earthly foster-father, respectively, are actually bona fide Bollywood superstars.

    Puneet Issar, who plays Superman himself, was a very vehement Duryodhana in Ravi &B.R. Chopra’s 1980′s Mahabharata TV series. He also starred in many of  the Ramsay brothers’ (Indian Hammer equivalent, only slightly more B) horror movies. AND he’s famous as the guy who very nearly killed superstar Amitab Bachchan during the shooting of COOLIE (1983). I can think of so many reasons to watch this and so few to wait.

  7. aarrgghh says:

    needs more nick cage

  8. B A says:

    I bet the Turkish Superman would win in a fight.

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