No one can know about this


By Nicholas Gurewitch

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack — Ed.

Published 8:27 am Thu, Feb 7, 2013

About the Author

Nicholas Gurewitch did The Perry Bible Fellowship for his college newspaper between 2001 and 2004, and then for newspapers (including The Guardian between 2004 and 2007. He now does them "on occasion". Today he's done one for Boing Boing.

22 Responses to “No one can know about this”

  1. Nash Rambler says:

    Nicholas Gurewitch, you made me laugh at dinosaur porn.  Not sure how that makes me feel about myself.

  2. Scott Rubin says:

    Is PBF on BoingBoing going to be a regular thing now? 

  3. Christopher says:

    The last thing they did was have sex, they’re not around to suffer any embarrassment, and we all get a great laugh. Looks like everybody wins.

  4. great detail with parents looking concerned and kids looking triumphant.

  5. chaopoiesis says:

    Lessons from the dinosaurs: always use protection, and check for lava.

  6. Ike Dahlinger says:

    I love the little placard in the front. Removes all doubt.

  7. jennybean42 says:

    That kid up on the exhibit would totally be my son.

  8. greenberger says:

    Just when I thought boing boing was getting to cluttered with pointless posts, along comes my favorite strip of the last decade. Wow!

  9. ehuelga says:

    FYI, there is an actual mount *cough* of just such a scene at the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, Spain.

  10. dayhat says:

    love a good dinosaur boning

  11. I’ve loved PBF for years.  It’s great to see some of it on BoingBoing. 

  12. hinten says:

    I was assured that there are actually no bones involved during this act, even with dinosaurs.
    So, the display is, at best, ambiguous. Another interpretation would be that she is carrying him to the next waterhole.

  13. iandennismiller says:

    Yes!  I remember eagerly awaiting the new Perry Bible Fellowship comics.  If this became a “thing” on Boing Boing, it would be a great thing. Also: Trails of Tarnation is totally hilarious, and keep doing it, but the people want PBF Comics!!