Ed Piskor awarded graphic novelist residency


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  1. Congrats!  Love the Family Tree!  But I have a quick question.  Is three weeks a standard residency length?  Seems like too short a timeframe to “provide a graphic artist/writer with an opportunity to develop a work-in-progress”.  I would have thought more in terms of months or even a year.

    • Frank Lee Scarlett says:

      Goddamn! No kidding. I was just sitting here trying to figure out how I would manage to negotiate a 3 week sublet or my place. I probably couldn’t, or the work involved would add so much stress to my life that it would entirely consume the generous relaxation afforded by such a luxurious 3 WEEK RESIDENCY.

      I have been working on a graphic novel set in the chaos of the years directly after WWI. The research alone has taken years, much less the work. 

      I greatly admire Ed Piskor’s work, and am overjoyed his work is being recognized and supported. But I am angered and despairing that the arts are so underfunded and misunderstood in this country that a 3-week residency is the type of “honor” we award an artist who works in an exceptionally time-intensive medium.

  2. noah django says:

    Right on, Ed!

  3. fidel_funk says:

    Three weeks!
    C’mon, give the dude 3 years – or life…
    Thats what we’d do in Europe (Denmark)

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