Ed Piskor awarded graphic novelist residency

Ed Piskor, creator of the Brain Rot/The Hip Hop Family Tree comics here at BB, has won the Columbus Museum of Art and Thurber House's graphic novelist residency.

The three-week residency is designed to provide a graphic artist/writer with an opportunity to develop a work-in-progress. The recipient will receive a stipend and housing in the two-bedroom apartment located in the historic home of author and New Yorker cartoonist, James Thurber. Ed Piskor began his comics career at age 21, drawing American Splendor strips written by underground comics legend Harvey Pekar. He has since published the graphic novel Wizzywig about the history of hacking and is currently publishing The Hip Hop Family Tree as a weekly comic at BoingBoing.net. In addition to researching and producing new work, he will take part in public events during his stay in Columbus. An exhibition of his artwork will be on view at Columbus Museum of Art.

Congratulations, Ed!


  1. Congrats!  Love the Family Tree!  But I have a quick question.  Is three weeks a standard residency length?  Seems like too short a timeframe to “provide a graphic artist/writer with an opportunity to develop a work-in-progress”.  I would have thought more in terms of months or even a year.

    1. Goddamn! No kidding. I was just sitting here trying to figure out how I would manage to negotiate a 3 week sublet or my place. I probably couldn’t, or the work involved would add so much stress to my life that it would entirely consume the generous relaxation afforded by such a luxurious 3 WEEK RESIDENCY.

      I have been working on a graphic novel set in the chaos of the years directly after WWI. The research alone has taken years, much less the work. 

      I greatly admire Ed Piskor’s work, and am overjoyed his work is being recognized and supported. But I am angered and despairing that the arts are so underfunded and misunderstood in this country that a 3-week residency is the type of “honor” we award an artist who works in an exceptionally time-intensive medium.

  2. Three weeks!
    C’mon, give the dude 3 years – or life…
    Thats what we’d do in Europe (Denmark)

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