Freaky face on the International Space Station

In space, no one can hear the pareidolia scream. (NASA footage of the International Space Station.)


12 Responses to “Freaky face on the International Space Station”

  1. eldritch says:


  2. Ian Wood says:

    Ancient mummified pastry chef.

    In space.

  3. Hanglyman says:

    Clearly, some ancient space-faring race was building their grand monuments on the ISS ages ago, while humankind was still struggling to invent stone tools.

  4. there’s an even freakier face inside: the face of pedobear. (I took the photo during a presentation about the ISS, iirc it shows the area where the Japanese guys stay)

  5. I’m getting an idea for scifi movie

  6. Wisconsin Platt says:

    Better call in the Space Marines.

  7. Sean says:

    man, louis farrakhan is looking angrier than ever these days.

  8. legsmalone says:

    Great. Now I want a space machete.

  9. I think that is a Soyuz capsule docked to the space station.

  10. Dlo Burns says:

    Looks like a Legend of Zelda thing to me, like I have to slide three of them around in a puzzle where the completion chime will sound, then one will flash red then attack me.

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