Hydrophobic, dirt-shedding spray is indistinguishable from magic


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  1. Engineer_ says:

    As a Marine Engineer, I need this. I need this everywhere. 

    • jebyrnes says:

      As a marine biologist who puts tons of crap everywhere underwater, I had the exact same thought.  Maybe I can make my permanent transect markers, you know, permanent!

  2. millie fink says:

    My first thought — can I spray in on my dog?

  3. timquinn says:

    They have a picture of dorian grey somewhere that is getting really dirty.

  4. GuyInMilwaukee says:

    I bet this would work nicely on fullbody swim suits for people who race. 

  5. And it probably causes cancer.

  6. Fantome_NR says:


  7. Rick Gray says:

    I give taggers less than a month to find a workaround.

    • johnnyaction says:


    • Sam Ley says:

      Tip – use this stuff to tag surfaces, then as the surface gets naturally dirty over time, your “negative graffiti” becomes more and more visible.

      • Funk Daddy says:

         It is available in custom colours but apparently minimums apply.

        Maybe buy translucent white base, then you only need top coat in colours. Would also assure that the area around tag gets fugly as hell while your tag remains pristine. Lasts for years in outdoor applications according to maker

        But, you would probably need to be rich to acquire a decent palette even in top coat alone

    • zippy_monster says:

      Out here we’ve got graffiti resistant plastic windows on the streetcars.  So, no, we don’t get graffiti painted all over them.  Instead we get graffiti carved out of them.

  8. Hugh Johnson says:

    I need to coat the bottom of my car with this. Road salt be damned!

    • JProffitt71 says:

      Wouldn’t that up the probability of hydroplaning to like 100%? No, what you need to do is put this on the bottom of a sled. FUN WILL BE HAD!

      Edit: Now I see what you mean, good idea!

      • Sean Nelson says:

        Um.  If you are up to the body of your car in water, you’re not really hydroplaning.  You’re car-boating, and are kinda screwed either way.  I think Hugh Johnson just wants to keep salty slush from clinging to his car when it gets splashed up there.  

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        No, what you need to do is put this on the bottom of a sled.

        And ending our broadcast on a sad note, little Billy Miller died today when his snow saucer hit the Watson’s barn at 400 miles per hour.

  9. Michael Polo says:


    I knew it would come, eventually.

    • crenquis says:

       that was my first thought:
      “Oh the Crunch enhancer?
      Yeah it’s a non-nutritive cereal varnish. It’s semi-permiable. It’s not osmotic. What it does is it coats and seals the flake, prevents the milk from penetrating it.”

  10. tb says:

    The perfect anti-graffiti coating.

  11. Sam Ley says:

    It does look cool – there are a variety of super-hydrophobic coatings out there, but the real question isn’t how well it works today, but how it will respond to UV, physical abrasion, oxidation, etc. Those are the properties that would really determine how useful it is in the real world.

    And don’t make too much of the “spray with goggles and mask” – that is standard procedure for spraying essentially all coatings (aerosolized anything is bad for your lungs – vegetable oil, furniture polish, deck stain, automotive paint, latex paint, etc.).

  12. Funk Daddy says:

    dayum, dependent upon its durability specifically abrasion resistance that is a fine product at a fine price. They dont mention UV, it needs to be somewhat UV resistant to be all that good for marine applications, plus water and refined oils don’t mean much if it cant do brine

    but still, so many application outside that…

  13. Sarge Misfit says:

    You do know that the dry cleaning lobby is going to quash this, right?

    But seriously, there’s a zillion uses for this. Its effin’ amazing. What about boat hulls coated with it, would water drag be reduced? Eliminate the need to take your car to the car wash. Anti-graffiti?  Public transit seating? Restaurant tables? Computer monitors and touch screens?

  14. greebo says:

    Okay, so how do they get it to stick to any of those surfaces in the first place?

    • splashu says:

      My guess is that since there are two separate coatings they become hydrophobic when the top coat combines with the base coat.

      • Ean Moody says:

        I’d actually guess the bottom coat is a specialized adhesive that bonds selectively to the top coat material. I’d assume the top coat lacks a binder material at all, so that whatever nanotrickery they’ve got going on is directly exposed.

  15. Funk Daddy says:

    “The other breakthrough associated with Ultra-Ever Dry is the superior coating adherence and abrasion resistance allowing it to be used in all kinds of applications where durability is required. Ideal for use on metals, plastics, wood and fabric. Must be used with top coat (sold separately) in equal parts on the initial application for coating to work properly. Quart can covers 42 square feet.”

    From seller?manufacturer? website. Still, need an MDS

  16. blueelm says:

    I’m so lazy… I’m just thinking…. shower walls. This could mean I never have to wash the shower walls.

    • Greg Webster says:

      If you put it on the bathtub, you definitely will require stick-on ducks.

      • Ean Moody says:

        The interesting thing I notice is that it only seems to repel water. It seemed like he was able to get a decent grip on those muddy twigs, so it might actually not be that slippery to stand on… after all, without any water on the surface, it’d be bone dry and soap free.

  17. agbullet says:

    My concern with this is that people are definitely going to use this on marine equipment.

    Without knowing exactly what’s in it, how well it holds up to the weather and saltwater, and what happens to it once it disappears into the ocean,we could be setting ourselves up for some ecological disaster that our kids will look at with 20/20 hindsight and wonder WTF we were thinking.

    • TheOven says:

      Right. Like plastic. Wonder product – never breaks down. Ever. Every single plastic thing you’ve ever seen is still out there. Every straw, every toy, every lid to your coffee hasn’t broken down into anything but smaller bits of plastic. Now that plastic is starting to show up in fish and the animals that eat them.

      So I’m a little leery of this product – perhaps because it works too well.

    • Funk Daddy says:

      Good question,

      main ingredients according to website of top coat  96-98% Acetone 2-4% Silica (fumed silica) and <1% proprietary

      fumed silica is used in a shit ton of stuff we put on bodies already, acetones are common

      the proprietary is ?? but I guess complete guess is that it is what makes the binding work well -edit, I guess wrongly, the proprietary additives provide abrasive resistance to cured product

      base coat is copy paste
      Ingredient % by Wt C.A.S. No.
      Xylene 66 106-42-3
      Naptha 12 64742-89-8
      Hexane 6 110-54-3
      Methylethylketone 2 78-93-3
      Toluene 5 108-88-3
      Proprietary Polymer 9 -
      Proprietary Additive <1 -

      Which according to the sheet has no carcinogens listed by many groups like EU, OSHA, NTP etc

      2 proprietary ingredients dunno

      Overall there are worse things already in heavy heavy use IMO, particularly vinyls, in marine applications

  18. Funk Daddy says:


  19. Bevatron Repairman says:

    I just like the idea of it on my eyeglasses.  I hate contacts but like to be outside, even in a moderate downpour.

  20. paul_leader says:

    This stuff is insane. Imagine how much less cleaning we’d have to do if all our windows and cars were coated with this stuff.

    I’d love to see what happens if you put it on the hull of a boat.

    I wonder if this would last on the soles of my hiking boots? No more accumulating massive clods of soil on your feet when walking over muddy fields.
    And presumably this kind of thing is going to eat GoreTex for breakfast.

    • Funk Daddy says:

      Put it on Gore-Tex and it will be more water resistant than previously but you lose all te properties that make Gore-Tex worth having. Benefit of Gore-Tex is venting moisture though the almost one-way membrane via your own heat. So if you treat your goretex socks you get sweatbags

  21. rocketpjs says:

    Sailboat racers will be all over this.  The cleanliness of your boat bottom is often the difference between first and fifteenth.

    I wonder if it would let us boaters stop using all that awful ‘biocidal’ paint on our boats?

  22. Kenmrph says:

    If I coat the inside of a glass with this stuff, would it be impossible to fill the glass with water?

    • TheOven says:

      It doesn’t negate gravity eh.

      • Kenmrph says:

        How disappointing.

        • austinhamman says:

           but it may be hard as hell to fill it up (as the water will keep moving as you pour it in and likely come back out…physics eh?…you’d have to do it slowly to keep the inertia of the liquid down)

          • TheOven says:

            So in this case I guess it would depend on the shape of the glass. It would have to be designed like a dog’s bowl and direct the splashes back in to the glass.

          • austinhamman says:

            yeah or pour from within the glass (remember the water can only come back up as far as it went down)
            one shaped in such a way that the water went back into the bowl would look awesome, because the only thing that would slow it down would be air resistance so it would be spinning around in circles for a while. put it in a vacuum and it may never stop (before you think “perpetual motion machine” something can move forever but if you try to extract work from it you remove energy from the system and slow it down. if it is just moving forever there is no real problem)

            oops forgot that there is still friction with this material it’s just greatly reduced. but were you pouring a superfluid it would be a whole other story

      • heng says:

        Actually, superfluidic liquid helium (that is, with zero friction), will run over the side of the beaker, apparently defying gravity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superfluidity

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      I assume that the stuff, unable to dispel the water, would itself leap from the glass in panic.

  23. Jeff Peake says:

    Best possible use for this product, Super Magic Sand+.

  24. Mat Linnett says:

    Did I see the similar Liquiglide linked here a few months back?

  25. jeaguilar says:

    Hmm, how much would it cost to spray my roof or to treat the shingles with this. Or to create a better shingle.

    Just thought of something else: I’d never have to shovel snow or pick ice off my stairs and walkway again. (Subject to abrasive wear).

    • gadgetphile says:

      It might be a bit slippery especially when walking from a wet surface. This assumes you dont want the stuff on the bottom of your shoes (or tires).

  26. snagglepuss says:

    I wonder what crooks could do with this. Imagine if it repelled the oils in fingerprints. So long, evidentiary bloodstains !

  27. missamo80 says:

    When I was at Costco last weekend they were selling a toilet plunger coated with something similar. They even had a demo station set up with a magic and non-magic plunger. It was insane how the water came off the magic one.

  28. eselqueso says:

    Why has nobody but me imagined the ridiculous sensual/sexual possibilities of body parts and other toys covered with this stuff? Actually, please don’t answer that.

    • austinhamman says:

       fleshlights would require less cleaning…but they couldn’t hold lube and as such would probably burn. the lack of holding lube makes dildos less effective (though i suppose lube on the body would work, the dildo would be repelled from the lube and slide nicely…though the friction is kinda important)
      putting it on a condom means you would slide into and out of your partner easily enough, but again without any friction there is nothing to stimulate the nerves and it’s fun for only one person…and even that is reduced.

  29. Chandler Lewis says:

    Easy remedy to rising oceans.

  30. big ryan says:

    i want to spray this stuff on the bottom of my surfboard, and on my wet suit, and on my hair so it always looks perfectly dry and styled while im surfing

  31. Tribune says:

    so if it repels oil… is it strictly hydrophobic? 

  32. semiotix says:

    When applied to a boat hull, it converts the boat to a hovercraft, so marine pollution shouldn’t be an issue.

    It’s not easy to make a surface that is both hydro- and oleophobic, so kudos to whoever came up with this. Essentially what they’ve done is created the most unlikeable material yet known to science, a surface that is such a toxic asshole that even chemicals with low self-esteem who are usually, you know, kind of attracted to that kind of mistreatment are repelled. My guess is they synthesize it from tears harvested from internet trolls as they cry themselves to sleep.

  33. Lothario Escobar says:

    Prank toilet paper.

  34. Alan Moore predicted this in “Promethea”, he called it elastagel.

  35. Michael Polo says:

    Coating tubes to pull water against gravity (capillary action) would be a good application. Plants do this, and I imagine it would be much easier to do if the tubes were super slippery.

    • CLamb says:

       Capillary action is based on the ability of water to wet the interior of the capillaries.  This will prevent capillary action.

  36. technogeekagain says:

    (Never mind; most of my questions are in fact answered — or at least cited as questions — with a bit more reading.)

  37. Listener43 says:

    Hydrophobia is simply pseudo-scientific jargonese for rabies, my friends.
    Ask yourself this – are you willing for this corporation (MY GOD! A CORPORATION!!!) to infect countless puppies with rabies simply to make your gardening gloves easier to clean?!
    You’ve a harder heart than mine if you can collaborate with these evil swine.
    Not on my watch. No sir!

  38. niktemadur says:

    “Mommy, mommy!  Can I go out to play?”
    “Sure honey, just close your eyes for a minute and let me spray this on you…”

  39. louiedog says:

    I’d treat my umbrellas. No more worrying about them in the wet umbrella bin and no more dripping water everywhere.

  40. E T says:

    How do things with this coating decompose?
    Will land fills and dumps be full of things that repel moisture and resist all bacteria?

    • Tribune says:

      It will repel all the garbage and empty the land fill solving the crisis of overflowing landfills. Also the bacteria that do manage to eat it will repel all food sources and starve to death or become death itself oh wait I was not supposed to release the zombie creating property information to the public?

    • cavalrysword says:

      You are only coating one side….

  41. CLamb says:

    If only this coating was clear it would be great for preventing condensation from fogging up glass.

  42. Bevatron Repairman says:

    I think this would be terrific for aircraft de-icing (or, rather, to obviate the need for de-icing at all).  I fucking love science!

  43. oasisob1 says:

    When does Fipi Lele become BB staff with direct post authority?

  44. Luther Blissett says:

    jebyrnes, as a marine biologist, you actually ought to apply some scepticism to the idea the stuff is used in larger quantities. I’m positive that it only works if nano-scale particles are a part of the game. These will end up in your transects, one way or the other. They might accumulate, via plancton, in the foodchain. This stuff needs research. A lot of research.

    Oh, and just by the way, Engineer_, dig this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D4g_XWhyKs

  45. franko says:

    my first thought was: zomg, cleanup of playa dust from burning man is going to get SO MUCH EASIER.

  46. Looking out my window, I wonder: what does it do with snow? If it was cheaper, could it be used as a coating for roads so they don’t ice up?

  47. snipehunt says:

    Great production value on this portal fan animation, but perplexing that they didnt include any characters.  

  48. R. Stevens says:

    This stuff is different than NeverWet, right? I want NeverWet so badly.

  49. gellfex says:

    What happens when you coat the inside of a pipe with this? Do you get frictionless laminar flow, or no benefit?  There’s lots of “pie in the sky” tech that frictionless flow would solve, like ocean-thermal power generation.

  50. Timmo Warner says:

    This will be an amazing diet drink.

    One can and you’ll be lucky if you ever absorb nutrients again.

  51. Nezrite says:


  52. Spray this on your ass and you dunno have to wipe it anymore! :D yieeahhh

  53. mocon says:

    I predict 6 months before they start frying zero-calorie potato chips in this stuff.

  54. pjcamp says:

    Does it work on children? Specially babies.

  55. Mister44 says:

    Aw man – who is Fipi Lele? I was all excited that a submission I sent in was greenlit.I guess I wasn’t the first to see this that day.

  56. karl_jones says:

    It will be weaponized — “non-lethal weapon” weaponized.

  57. Marjo Aho says:

    Just don’t accidentally inhale or ingest or get it on your skin… imagine waterproofing your stomach. Probably not so good.

  58. rationalthought says:

    I can’t believe no one has said that yet.

  59. jrishel says:

    apply to inside of toilet. Never need to scrub the bowl again, or even fill the bowl with water.

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