#NEMO update

Shit's getting real.


  1. I’m using science to determine the affect of a blizzard on a disney flamingo. For Cory. (and science)

  2. You’re not helping, Xeni…  Wasn’t last year’s storm the historic one?   Heck, even Mexico was affected:

    Here, in SW New Brunswick, Environment Canada tells us that we’re probably going to get some 40 cms of snow tonight – all in all, it’s been a pretty easy winter.  Besides, I’ve got lots of firewood, the liquor cabinet is well stocked, and I don’t have to work this weekend.

  3. We really shouldn’t be calling this storm Nemo… http://gawker.com/5982748/dont-call-this-storm-nemo

    1. Relax. Once someone suffers property damage due to confusion from the different storm names and decides to sue The Weather Channel for their ratings ploy, the problem will sort itself out.

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