Raccoons occupy crane

KING-TV reports that raccoons have established their home in the cab of a huge tower crane, bringing its construction project to a halt. The raccoons are big ones, locals allege: "The thing was like a dog," said Lumber worker Trent Kristjanson.


    1. Affordable housing for raccoons, higher taxes on top predators, who knows? That’s the problem with this whole occupy movement – any procyonid can just claim to be a part of it!

    2. i don’t know, but if they are anything like the raccoons in our neighborhood, i think the best course would be to just give them what they want. maybe they will go away.

      1. Oh, you’re the person who leaves the food out for them. That’s why they don’t leave and have invited all their relatives to stay.

  1. Yes they would be big. We had enough animal control had to come out and trap a bunch a few summers ago.They didn’t act aggressive but sure were pretty not caring about humans noticing their activity. With a wetland area right nearby there isn’t much to totally keep them completely away but they get big living off the junk food us humans leave out for them.

    1. They’re normally not aggressive….until you encounter a momma protecting her babies; then you need to vamoose. If you live in a racoon-rich area and have a fireplace chimney, fer Bog’s sake pay the money to install a good cap — mama racoon sees it as a hollow tree, and she’ll climb down it to birth her kits on the fireplace smoke shelf.

      (And if you do wind up with a racoon in the chimney, don’t try to “smoke” her out — it’s needlessly cruel and usually ineffective. Instead, soak a towel in ammonia and drop it down from above. Then get out of the way, ‘cuz she’ll come barrelling up outta there carrying the kits.)

  2. The Raccoons were always against construction projects but it used to only be if Cyril Sneer was behind them…

    1. They really don’t give a shit. I’ve had a cat, a raccoon and a roadrunner all eating out of the same bowl.

        1. Yep, it’s true! Cats and raccoons get along pretty well. Cats treat them like big alpha cats.

          1. Things that don’t eat each other often ignore each other. And nobody fucks with a roadrunner. Those things are scary.

    1. I’m pretty sure that The Second Coming is actually about the possibility of raccoons developing opposable thumbs.

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