Raccoons occupy crane


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  1. Jardine says:

    Yes, but what do they want!?

    • Bersl says:


    • waetherman says:

      Affordable housing for raccoons, higher taxes on top predators, who knows? That’s the problem with this whole occupy movement – any procyonid can just claim to be a part of it!

    • franko says:

      i don’t know, but if they are anything like the raccoons in our neighborhood, i think the best course would be to just give them what they want. maybe they will go away.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        Oh, you’re the person who leaves the food out for them. That’s why they don’t leave and have invited all their relatives to stay.

  2. TombKing says:

    Yes they would be big. We had enough animal control had to come out and trap a bunch a few summers ago.They didn’t act aggressive but sure were pretty not caring about humans noticing their activity. With a wetland area right nearby there isn’t much to totally keep them completely away but they get big living off the junk food us humans leave out for them.

    • s2redux says:

      They’re normally not aggressive….until you encounter a momma protecting her babies; then you need to vamoose. If you live in a racoon-rich area and have a fireplace chimney, fer Bog’s sake pay the money to install a good cap — mama racoon sees it as a hollow tree, and she’ll climb down it to birth her kits on the fireplace smoke shelf.

      (And if you do wind up with a racoon in the chimney, don’t try to “smoke” her out — it’s needlessly cruel and usually ineffective. Instead, soak a towel in ammonia and drop it down from above. Then get out of the way, ‘cuz she’ll come barrelling up outta there carrying the kits.)

  3. theophrastvs says:

    Overnight a seven-eleven was hauled skyward and lashed to the jack

  4. Felton / Moderator says:

    Your crane style is no match for my raccoon style.

  5. annoyingmouse says:

    The Raccoons were always against construction projects but it used to only be if Cyril Sneer was behind them…

  6. Jason Baker says:

    This would never happen in Eagleton.

  7. David Gill says:

    I call the big one bitey. 

  8. robotnik says:

    Just wait until the cephalopods show up.

  9. niktemadur says:

    Raccoons Occupy… this chick.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I’m pretty sure that The Second Coming is actually about the possibility of raccoons developing opposable thumbs.

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