TED's new mobile app offers subtitles

TED announced version 2.0 of its TED Talk player app. "Subtitles are now available in 90 languages, directly in the video player. And, should you want to watch via Apple TV, when you scoot over to AirPlay, the subtitles will travel with you. Each language also now has its own catalog of available talks."


  1. I think the news is that the subtitles are now available in 90 languages, which is wonderful.  They’ve had a separate app for TED-with-English-subtitles all along.  Those of us who read English and who need/strongly prefer subtitles have been very grateful for that.

  2. Unfortunately the latest version of the app doesn’t work on iOS pre v6.0.   Good software engineering principles would suggest supporting subtitles on v6+ while still supporting earlier versions of the OS without subtitles.  Given TED’s tech-cred, I’m surprised they couldn’t get this right.

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