Charlie Sheen to ex-cop fugitive killer Dorner: Call me maybe

Noted crazyperson Charlie Sheen was noted in the online manifesto of noted crazyperson Christopher Dorner. “Charlie Sheen, you're effin awesome,” Dorner wrote. The former police officer who threatened to "wage war" on the LAPD and is wanted for multiple murders, also praised Michelle Obama, Anthony Bourdain, and other celebrities in his manifesto. Now, Sheen has responded to Dorner with a video posted on TMZ.

In Sheen's video, he addresses Dorner: "You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words. I am urging you to call me. Let's figure out together how to end this thing."

In related news, the two female newspaper delivery persons mistakenly shot by LAPD without warning in the Dorner manhunt will get a new truck.

Margie Carranza, 47, and her mom, Emma Hernandez, 71, "were delivering newspapers in Torrance early Thursday when LAPD officers riddled their blue Toyota Tacoma with bullets," reports the Los Angeles Times.

"Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and Carranza sustained minor injuries from broken glass."

Oh, but you should see the truck.

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    1. Yeah. Good on him for trying to use this to deescalate, but it should be some perspective that the guy thought of him as a kindred spirit as he embarked on this. Not that writers and authors don’t unfairly go through this from time to time, but this isn’t a fantasy world, the guy feels 
      Sheen is as unhinged as he is.

      1. I totally forgot about Charlie Sheen’s triple-homicide…because it didn’t happen.

        The last I saw of Sheen was Hot Shots: Part Deux, but despite having no television and systematically avoiding celebrity news, I’m vaguely aware that the dude trashed a sitcom career snorting coke and let pornstars babysit his kid(s) – and we all know what horrible people pornstars are thanks to our slut-shaming culture. Clearly he’s in the same league as a guy who offs the daughter of the boss who fired him. WTF?

        Sheen’s a coke-head, not a psychopath. There are likely a dozen coke-heads within a 20-mile radius of where I am right now. If you want to live vicariously through an over-the-hill druggie, they’re easy to find. Oh right, none of them were on some crap TV show.

          1. That single article contained more than I ever wanted to know about Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and some asshole named John Galliano. Sheen’s sanity I wouldn’t guess at, but he certainly sounds like a misogynistic piece of shit.

            I thought you were echoing the voyeuristic fetishising of that “crazy (TM)” Charlie Sheen that everyone won’t shut the fuck up about. I hate gossip.

            Sorry I misunderstood. You have a valid criticism, though I still find it nauseating how disproportionately “celebrities” get covered when plenty of non-celebrities perpetrate and suffer domestic violence and no one gives a fuck. Certainly celebrities deserve no less condemnation or compassion than anyone else, but it’s why they get it – thier fame – that sickens me.

    1. Given the difficulty he would likely encounter in making a phone call without providing (at least) rough position information, I suspect that the authorities would be more than happy to have a known phone call to more or less anybody to work with…

  1. Holy fck. They just unloaded into that pickup.. That is so fucked up. Just looking at the tailgate of that vehicle is terrifying.

  2. Jesus, that truck. You know those cops were in full-on GRARGH COP KILLER ragemode. While more justified than usual in this case, that thin blue line shit is counterproductive and detrimental to the function of a law enforcement agency. Any citizen’s murder should provoke a degree of outrage and determination on their parts, not just murders of their fellow officers and their families.

    1. Agree with your points except that it was more “justified than usual.” I don’t know when it’s justified for the police to pump 50+ bullets into any vehicle, unless they know with 100% certainty that that is the suspect. Which they certainly didn’t know in this case.

      1. I didn’t mean the shooting was justified, but the grargh attitude, as Dorner is specifically targeting cops’ families rather than having gotten off a lucky shot during a botched getaway or something. Getting shot at in the normal course of your duties is one thing, being targeted for assassination is another.

      2. ” I don’t know when it’s justified for the police to pump 50+ bullets into any vehicle, unless they know with 100% certainty that that is the suspect.”

        This isn’t Judge Dredd. The only justification for the use of force by police is imminent necessity. We have this ‘judicial system’ to handle determination of guilt and sentencing.

        Yes, in practice, this particular guy shows every interest in going all lethal force, all the time; but if they caught him sleeping or something even a 100% ID wouldn’t make shooting him their job.

  3. A new truck sure, and whatever they get when they drag them through court. Which I assume they’ll be doing?

    Even if they’ve signed some kind of “This truck acts as the sole compensation for us trying to murder you in a blind rage” clause, there’s a whole lot of fucked up that needs to be looked into there. If those policemen aren’t at the very least fired (hopefully prosecuted), then quite frankly your police can officially do whatever they want – it’s official.

    In which case I’m actually leaning toward being more in support of your 2nd amendment rights – at the very least you need the right to protect yourselves against your police forces.

    1. The truck is only a goodwill gesture, which the LAPD badly needs to do because their reputation is shit at the moment. There is no agreement that that is in place of a lawsuit. The 2 women have a lawyer already (of course) and will be suing for a hefty sum. Which the taxpayers will be paying for (of course). Regardless of how unhinged Dorner is, the LAPD has certainly proved many of his points this week.

        1. It is not justice at all. It’s an outrage. I wish people were marching in the streets demanding accountability. Or at the very least, bombarding the mayor, the city council and Chief Beck.

  4. Don’t they tell cops to check thei targets before firing??? They fired on a vehicle 1 that didn’t match description 2 on occupants without making visual id 3 who didn’t match description. 4 shot to kill 5 without warning 6 shooting so wildly in a residential area as to damage many surrounding homes and vehicles, potentially killing other residents

  5. Those irresponsible cops who ambushed those ladies, in the truck, should be prosecuted for attempted murder!!! A lesser charge or punishment would be a disgrace for an agency designed to “serve & protect”.

  6. I’d like to know exactly what Charley Sheen can do about a witch-hunt instigated by the LAPD?

    Or does he mean deliver Dorner to the people that are trying to destroy him?

    So much fuzzy in this case – and likely so much we’ll never know.

    1. Not quite. LAPD have a theoretically valid role in society that they fail to perform, namely keeping the peace. I suppose the rejected rent-a-cops that work for the TSA must statistically harass a terrorist now and again by the sheer number of travelers they molest. But the TSA, like the DEA, is a fundamentally parasitic organization with no legitimate benefit to society either in practice or in theory.

  7. fck ,if i was them i would also sue them for those police cars they used ,then shoot them up in efigy and park them in public as payback for my truck

  8. Hey — if it works (hah), then great. Sheen isn’t the first celebrity-type to try this.  Paul Gascoigne (hard-drinking British football player) tried to talk down Raoul Moat (unhinged guy on a shooting spree in Northumbria) in 2010.  He brought some beer and chicken, and was possibly offering to take him fishing, to extricate the guy from an armed stand-off with police.  Here’s a writeup in the Daily Telegraph. Brave/crazy/delusions-of-grandeur… you choose.

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