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7 Responses to “Chelsea Wolfe: Flatlands”

  1. newhavenstumpjumper says:


    I lived in flat lands for many years…  cold and windy but it had it’s own beauty.
    captured by artist charlies beck

  2. Duy Nguyen says:

    I was at the church session to and it was well worth my 1-hour drive!

  3. Cassie Thompson says:

    Saw her perform in the Loft at UCSD last week, what an amazing voice… In fact, I think her voice is better live than on the recordings. I feel lucky to have seen what she is capable of live since some of the important subtle elements of her voice are lost on the recordings, it seems. Fantastic music, either way. Great voice, great lyrics – not to mention she is a pretty girl with her own sense of style. I bet she’ll do well :)

  4. Cassie Thompson says:

    ^ of course I don’t mean that in a patronizing way, she is already doing well. I mean moreso that the more people that hear her music, the more people will relate and respond to it. How can you not?

  5. BookGuy says:

    If you want an alternative to Amazon and iTunes, you can get the bits straight from Chelsea Wolfe’s Bandcamp, including FLAC:

  6. This video was filmed in my friend’s house in Oaktown CA. Bathtub full of milk? Smelled.

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