Little girl hears Bad Brains for the first time

How did she know how to slamdance like that, you may ask? Some things are not taught. You just know.

I first heard the Bad Brains when I was 12, after their eponymous cassette came out on ROIR Records. And you know what, I did the exact same thing this little kid is doing in the video.

Link: "Adeline hears Bad Brains for the first time."

(thanks, Sean Bonner, via Vice)


  1. That audio setup needs a set of Ultramix LD7-00 Quaffing Metaconnects. According to the review on BB, the strikingly unpretentious design isn’t just a bottling trick; the mushroom hints are designed to direct accurate fidelity. Placed carefully around the listening room, the effects will be immediately apparent: crusty, linalool bottoms and farmyardy treble regions rounded off with an earthy coloration that unveils the LD7-00’s jammy, cheesy palate. Classic undercurrents of blackcurrant end the tune.

    1. LOL. I distinctly remember my mom forbidding me to play my Disney 45’s on 78 rpm around 1971 because I was dancing and stomping around like that. Rebelliousness is infectious, no matter who you’re listening to.

  2. I first encountered Bad Brains in someone’s living room in Washington DC, where they were playing a house concert. Small space. Loud space. No children, slamming or otherwise. My friends and I were there awaiting the delivering of some “Chocolate Monkey Balls,” a smokable which proved to be as mythical as its name and never arrived. Later that night we went to a dive called DC Space, and then spilled out onto the street with everyone else when someone used their mace in the club. (Within a few days, there were t-shirts: I Got Maced At DC Space. I didn’t get one.) So I associate Bad Brains with crowded living rooms, jonesing, and upper respiratory distress.

  3. This makes the world a better place. I can remember doing exactly this with my daughter to big A little a. Happy days.

  4. That’s awesome.  My son started doing that to Mötorhead’s “Overkill” slightly before he could walk.  (The same enthusiasm, only clutching a coffee table for support.)

  5. I have the 70’s Punk box set, and I would take it on long road trips with my boys when they were between 3 and 11. They loved the music and once I had introduced it to them, every trip would bring out choruses of “Play the mean music, daddy!!”

  6. >”How did she know how to slamdance like that, you may ask?”

    Adult slamdancing is dancing like a 3 year old.

  7. Ohhh..that guitar needs to be in a case! 
     (Owner of a Martin D1 who’s neck went SNAP! when my then-toddler knocked it over whilst I had it leaning just like that)

  8. In a related experiment, Adeline’s twin sister, when exposed to a recording of the Polyphonic Spree, stuck knitting needles in her ears, just like a grow-up would!

  9. I always wonder what kids with cool parent will rebel against when they are teenagers. I hate your dumb punk rock! Taylor Swift is where it’s at!!!!

    1. I always wonder what kids with cool parent will rebel against when they are teenagers.

      Hasn’t Cher made a couple of movies answering that question?

  10. I did the same thing when I saw the video for “This Ain’t No Picnic” on MTV (no, really! And this was before 120 Minutes). I was 15 but I guess I’d been pretty sheltered up to that point.

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