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25 Responses to “Projecting the Lorax on a blizzard”

  1. yadayada says:


  2. jere7my says:

    Can we PLEASE stop calling it “Winter Storm Nemo”? Every time we do, a fun-hating weather grognard suffers a severe rectal spasm.

  3. fss says:

    How long until Universal hits this with a DMCA takedown?

    • oasisob1 says:

      Fantastic video, and I’m glad I had the chance to see it, because I also worry this will face a stupid takedown.

  4. Bucket says:

    Almost makes me wish I lived somewhere it snows.

    Actually, no. No it doesn’t.

  5. In the winter of ’91 a bored friend and i split a tab of acid at Villa Italia Mall….

    and nothing happened.

    Or at least nothing happened until I got off a bus to make a transfer a few hours later.  The stop was on a street brimming with 10 story residential highrises, and as it was just a few weeks into December most everyone had christmas light up. The soft purple and pink night clouds opened up and a nice regular snow started. I looked up at the snow, and each flake was reflecting a different color off of the bulbs, making an effect not dissimilar to the one you photographed so beautifully.

    Thank you for reminding me of that memory!.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Acid and snow are a great combination! I used to wander around Boston in blizzards, tripping on five or ten hits.

  6. Nadreck says:

    So if the reflecting particles are big enough neuro-typicals don’t get all of that edited out in the post-retinal photoshopping?  Some people see stuff like that all the time in things like scintillating dust particles going by stained glass windows.

  7. Ladyfingers says:

    Hopeful piano is to pretty vids what bow-chicka-bow is to smut.

  8. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    ooooh how Speilbergian….

  9. Christopher says:

    I assume this is the recent version of The Lorax, the one with Danny DeVito in the title role. If so then this is the only way it’s worth watching. 

  10. ymr049c says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t really get it. It seems like the projection onto the storm in the background is cool, maybe. But all those snowflakes flashing by in front get in the way. Kind of a trees/forest problem.

    • rabidpotatochip says:

      At that point the snowflakes become the show.  There are nights I pull over on an empty country road and just watch snowflakes fly by my headlights for the same reason; it’s truly mesmerizing.

  11. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    It would be interesting to try this in an actual blizzard.  Drop a ~40mph wind in there, and you’d probably have enough of a “surface” to generate a viewable picture.

  12. kmoser says:

    This was totally Snowtoshopped. I can tell by the flakes, and having seen some snowstorms in my time.

  13. MrScience says:

    I’d love to see this from the perspective of the projector… does it create an ethearial image?

  14. Love it, Cory. And LOVED Pirate Cinema. Changed my frame of reference.