Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Wild Style Pt. 3

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  1. I love this series but it has too many commas in the narrative text.  I think that it needs a little bit of proof reading.  Thanks for keeping at it, can’t wait for the book.

      1. May I just jump in here to defend Joseph II, who was an extremely enlightened ruler and unfairly maligned by that silly film?

    1. I should have payed more attention in English class. If the incorrect/overuse of commas is a pet peeve this online version will promise to ruin your experience. Thankfully, (?) the print edition is being copyedited overtime.

      1. I write like my 7th grade grammar teacher, Mrs. Smith, is standing over me, checking my punctuation. And then I pick up the Lord of the Rings and see that Oxford language professor JRR Tolkien uses about 10% of the commas that I do.

        1. I tend to write sentences like I speak them, but English teacher after English teacher has said that the written word shouldn’t be the same as the spoken word. Perhaps when I read something it makes sense, but not when someone else does. 

  2. When I got my hands on a vhs copy of Wild Style in a thrift store bin, I did not know what it was, but the cover intrigued me. I watched it and my jaw hit the floor. I held viewing parties during which I would often sit to the side so I could watch folks’ reactions as much as watch the screen. It felt like sharing a secret that needed to be let out. Ed, your Family Tree feels just like that, too. KK Rockwell and Rodney C’s stoop rap is an amazing scene, but their rhymes sounded like they spoke of problems bigger/different than those their characters faced in the film… now I know why. Thanks, Ed!!

  3. I watched Wild Style for the first time in probably ’97, on VHS with a group including my homie TRUF ONE.  after the mustache got put on the Zoro piece (we thought it was LEE but turns out it was DONDI–which is sorta cooler) we both turned to each other:  “Man, that’s some can *control*.”  none of these Euro cans or aftermarket caps that are standard today, either.

    my homie Tranerek hooked me up with my copy of the vinyl, which was dope because it was a first press, as denoted by the gold-embossed promo seal.  he was the illest digger I ever met.

    re:  book pre-orders, two questions
    you got any coupon codes for us heads?  and more importantly, can I get it autographed?

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