Interview with creators of Necessary Roughness about gay pro football player


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  1. Frode Helland says:

    You’re forgetting Justin Fashanu:

  2. cellocgw says:

    Gay pro athletes who won’t come out — that’s just lame. Oh, wait…

  3. Ian Roberts was a professional rugby league player in Australia from 1986 to 1998. Playing at 250 pounds, he was noted for his aggression and was an ‘enforcer’ on the field – regularly getting into brawls.

    He came out in 1995 – the first rugby player in the world to do so. The media handling of the issue – especially the sport’s own TV program “The Footy Show” – might be an interesting comparison.

    Side note, Roberts later began a career in acting and appeared as a henchman in “Superman Returns”.

  4. Gene Anderson says:

    Glenn Burke was out to his teammates and coaching staff. He angered Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda by befriending his estranged gay son, Tommy Lasorda, Jr.

  5. John Kiggins says:

    Not a professional player, but I think the story of Brendan Burke is of note here. For those of you who don’t know he was a U of Miami hockey player and the son of Anaheim Ducks GM (and later Toronto Maple Leafs GM) and came out before his tragic death in a car accident in 2010. His father and family have honoured his legacy by working to make hockey more inclusive.

  6. puppybeard says:

    There was a big surprise in Ireland when Donal Og Cusack, a well-known Cork hurler, came out. His team stood with him and it made no odds to his career. Notably, Gaelic athletes may get some sponsorship, but they don’t get a wage, so that may make a difference to the risks involved.

    He gave a great speech at the inaugural Foyle (Derry / Londonderry) Pride Festival last year.

  7. Tom Rombouts says:

    Not to take anything away from this series, but it might interest people to know that the HBO comedy “Arli$$” did an episode in 2002 titled “Playing It Safe” about a MLB baseball player who was considering “coming out”  Billy Bean himself, one of the first openly gay former MLB players, appears briefly as himself in the episode.

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