Amazingly realistic David Bowie dolls


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  1. eldritch says:

    But does it come with an all-encompassing aura of virility, the product of his all-encompassing “Area”?

  2. GawainLavers says:

    The David Bowie Real Doll.  It is now, officially, the 21st Century.

  3. Plans to market these dolls in Detroit were canceled. They didn’t want to cause a panic. 

  4. Monkey_pants says:

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY – ohhhh . . . . not for sale.

  5. Halloween_Jack says:

    they are, alas, not for sale.

    *throws self onto chair shaped like a giant leopard-skin high-heel shoe, stares moodily into distance*

    • Pirate Jenny says:

      Is there room on that chair for me? I want one of those possibly even more than one of the super-detailed Tom-Hiddleston-as-Loki dolls.

  6. Robert Cruickshank says:

    But do they have Nick Cave dolls?

  7. OMG! King Jareth dolls too…

  8. DevinC says:

    The level of detail of the nipple antennae is amazing.  

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