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5 Responses to “Between Two Ferns, Oscars edition”

  1. I love this show. This one is not as disturbing as some of the others, but it looks like they are having loads of fun.

  2. kaellinn18 says:

    I love how everyone is in on it, and yet it still manages to be so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable.

    • Stooge says:

      I know, it’s like they’re actors or something.

      • kaellinn18 says:

        I think there is a distinct difference in that respect between this and your standard film or TV show. There is no suspension of disbelief here; they make it obviously fake and ridiculous, and yet it still manages to elicit those feelings. It’s not only because the participants are good actors. It manages to be successful in that regard in spite of the silly format. I think it’s interesting.

  3. marilove says:

    Zach lives in So Cal, and one of my co-workers recently met him by accident at a friend’s house in So Cal.  He didn’t even realize who it was for like, an hour.  Apparently he is very normal in real life. Funny, but normal.