Five Beatles covers

Every week on Bedazzled, Derek presents some of his favorite 45 records. This time, he has a collection of five unusual and pleasant Beatles covers, including Day Tripper, Back in the U.S.S.R., Norwegian Wood, Across the Universe, and With a Little Help From My Friends.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, LA, John Fred had a MASSIVE hit with the amazing, Beatle-esque "Judy In Disguise" in 1967, but this veteran performer had a career in music stretching back to his teen years in the late '50s. One could easily be mistaken into thinking John was a black singer, as his heavy, deep south accent OOZES soul, and it's heard to great effect on this FUNKY cover of the song that opens The Beatles self titled 1968 LP, known forever as The White Album. The Playboy Band itself shows off how tight the group was, no doubt brought on by a decade of performing all over the south at Fraternities, sock hops, opening slots, and basically anywhere they could make a living as journeyman musicians.

Derek's Weekly 45's: The Covers File, Part Five (All Beatles covers)


  1. Dr John did a hair-raising version of “Come Together” that I will categorically state surpasses the original – And I’ve torn my hair out for twenty years looking for a decent recording of it. The good Mr Rebbenack brings the hoodoo stomp to the song, gnarly and grinding and humid and fantastic. Any of you BB’ers who know of a copy, I will be eternally grateful.

    Now….WHY are there no good covers of “Dr. Robert” ?

  2. I want to note the totally tight: Come Together, Motown Sings The Beatles.  The Four Tops doing ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is outta sight.  Also awesome is : Basie on The Beatles.  OMG The version of ‘Get Back’ on there is so great…

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