Lawyers for Gitmo detainees believe US eavesdropped on their conversations

Attorneys for five Guantanamo Bay detainees charged in the 9/11 attacks are demanding to know if U.S. government officials have been listening in on their private conversations with the defendants. The lawyers discovered the presence of an audio surveillance system by accident on January 28:

At a hearing Jan. 28, the sound system in the Guantanamo courtroom was suddenly cut, to the surprise of even the judge. The judge later revealed that a government official, from an agency that the military has refused to disclose, was following the proceedings from outside the courtroom and intervened to prevent the potential release of classified information. The judge, Army Col. James Pohl, later said the information was not classified and he ordered the undisclosed government agency to disconnect any equipment that could unilaterally cut the sound. He also released a transcript of the censored remarks.

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