Mr. Bubble, or Mr. Mxyzptlk?

I don't know what's going on here, but I wholeheartedly approve.

(Via Filled With Chocolate Pudding!)


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    That has to be the LAMEST Chia Pet off to the left there . . .
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    But seriously, this might be something educational, about water levels and air pressure and such.

  2. Science!!

    बाल = childविज्ञान = science

    The title roughly translates to “Science for kids”

    आलोक प्रकाशन = Aalok Publishers

    1. Thanks, Aditya.

      Sorry to bother you, can you find out more about the book? Was it ever published in any other languages? Possibly some which are less widely spoken than chinese or hindi (like: english)? I’m really curious about the content, and the time of publishing. :)

    2. And the “2” in the corner would indicate the second level; either second grade (primary), or 7th grade (middle school). I’d go with 2nd, given the extreme cuteness of the image, but you never know!

  3. It’s an illustration for an article entitled, “Ten Things You Never Thought of Doing With Pepto Bismol”.

    1. Do you still have them? This science book seems to be a gem. I’d like to see more (and, possibly, get it translated by someone who speaks Hindi).

      1. I’ve still got them in storage in the States- only catch is that I’m living in China at the moment. I’ve got a few flat files of similar material, though, so maybe I’ll do a bit more scanning when I’m back over the summer coming up.

  4. Child labor is used to dissolve the ephedrine in the toluene.  Soon it will be roughly two kilos of crystal meth.

  5.  An ad for a growth hormone. 
    Look what it did for the butterfly, imagine what it could do for your child labourers. 

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