The science of magic

The old cups-and-balls "shell game" trick so effectively exploits the human brain's ability to be deceived that, even when the cups are see-through, you can still get played.


  1. Since the authors’ theories are strongly disputed by many in the magic community, including at least one psychologist, I would hope that Boing Boing’s science editor would acknowledge this rather than merely linking to yet another article. This is the third time in a week that Sleights of Mind has been discussed in a post. The article on also does not challenge the claims and again people must resort to using the comments section to raise awareness that they are in dispute. Is there a relationship between Boing Boing and anyone affiliated with the book?

    1. Michael, 

      There is not affiliation that I’m aware of. Here’s the deal, we all post on stuff that we find interesting. Stories that interview the authors of this book happens to interest a lot of us, apparently. If you have some links to places where I can read more about what people in the magic community dispute and why, I’d be happy to take a look and possible post on them, as well. 

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