A dozen great zine anthologies


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  1. DocPop says:

    This is a fantastic list! Saw a few gems that I didn’t know about too. That Cometbus anthology is great.

  2. ant0 says:

     SKATE FATE !   skateboarding zines really could/should be its own thing altogether.  there was as much excitement and creativity (more artistic effort i would say- punk zines more often tended to ‘imitate’ magazines in layout, etc) coming out of that scene as in the punk/fanzine scene that maybe touched the lives of more people in retrospect.  and *gary scott davis* is surely one of the forgotten/unknown geniuses of that era- its good to see him included here.  much respect !

  3. Anikibo says:

    cool, what a great collection – she says whipping out the credit card!

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