Cory in Cincinnati today!

As I write this, I'm on my way to the airport, headed for Cincinnati, where I'll be doing an appearance tonight at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on the tour for Homeland, which hit the New York Times bestseller list last night. Tomorrow, I'll be in Miami and then I'll be in Chapel Hill. There's still lots more cities on the tour!

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  1. dioptase says:

    You might be interested to know that an important property rights battle took place about  200 m north of Joseph-Beth.

    The city of Norwood used eminent domain to take several properties and have developers turn it into offices and shops.  Several owners fought it and won in court.,_Ohio#Eminent_domain

    I don’t know what happened afterwards, but the development is going full steam (visible from I-71 and very obvious on google maps).

    • Boundegar says:

      And the crazy part is, Norwood is loaded with vacant commercial real estate, and Rookwood looks like upscale retail in a depressed blue-collar town.  I’m sure they have a plan for how that’s going to work out.

      • Alex Mayo says:

        Yeah, and they’re bulldozing a bunch of stuff near my job in Oakley for yet another big outdoor mall / cinema / food mecca. Yay, I guess. Still sad Jungle Jim’s didn’t go in there as planned.

  2. Bert Piraino says:

    Hi, Cory, Been following your work for years. Congrats on the making the NYT best sellers list. Homeland was a great read…

  3. Nash Rambler says:

    Town to town, up and down the dial.

  4. Tony_Moore says:

    Damn! In my own backyard, and I’m out of town. I hope Cincy treats you well!

  5. nemryn says:

    Help, I’ve never been to a book signing and I don’t know how they work

  6. dr_awkward says:

    Cory, thanks for enlightening Cincinnati!  The talk and signing was great.
    -Archer’s Dad

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